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Saturday, January 22, 2022


I want to make sure you have read the first and the second parts of this post: Smart Tips for a Healthy Brain.

If you have read them, then you can continue to read this post. It's an information about when to seek medical help.
Image source:NHRMC

You should get medical attention if you or a loved one are:
- frequently losing things
- forgetting to go to events or appointments
- having trouble coming up with words compared to other people of similar age
- having trouble handling complex tasks
- unable to control motor function
- experiencing mood or personality changes
- feeling paranoid or having hallucinations

Image source: NIA

For caregivers, below is the list of cognitive tips:
- ask your pharmacist for more information on your loved one's condition
- create an environment where they feel secure and comfortable
- set a routine to curb confusion
- help write to-do list, appointment dates, and event details in a calendar
- be patient and respectful when giving step-by-step instruction for activities, like dressing or bathing
limit distractions, like TV, when they are trying to concentrate
- store essential items in easily accessible places
- clean out clutter
- schedule time to take care of yourself

Source: Riteaid

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