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Saturday, June 06, 2020

Celebrating Two Years of My Book "Exploring My Ideas"

Today I celebrate two years of my book, Exploring My Ideas. My daughter helped to take some pictures of me with my book for the first time since it was published. Exploring My Ideas is comprised of ten short stories crafted from my own personal's experiences and observation. Every short story is followed by my explanation how I got an idea and wrote it into a short story. It includes a simple and practical guide on how to explore and compose ideas into short stories, as well as publishing tips. This book won an award from National Association of Book Entrepreneurs in the Summer 2019 in the category of Short Stories. It also received five stars review from Readers' Favorite in 2019. Right now I'm in the final stage which is proofreading for Indonesian version (which it has been postponed since last October) so it will be available for Indonesian readers someday soon.
Thank you to those who have participated in my book survey. I appreciate your support.🙏🙏🙏🌹🌺💐I still keep collecting the survey, so feel free to let me know if you would like to participate. Just simple questions: What short story do you like most from my book, Exploring My Ideas and what is its reason? Your name will keep private.
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Still preparing for Online Writing Course for Indonesian students in Middle School and High School for Fiction and Writing Stories for Children classes.
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Saturday, May 02, 2020

FIRST STORY DURING CORONA PANDEMIC: The Blessings Behind Covid-19 Outbreak

2020 is a historic year for the world. Who doesn't know Covid-19? This invisible creature is becoming popular everywhere nowadays. It is not the world’s hero but an enemy.

After an appeal from the governor of the state of Pennsylvania resounded, Monday morning, March 16, I decided to go to work by driving my car through a bypass which I usually avoid because of traffic jams in the morning. The road was very quiet. For the first time, I rarely braked many times. Braking only for a stop before a red light or just before turning. To arrive at the office, it took twenty minutes compared to thirty minutes for work days from Monday to Friday if there were no traffic. Ten minutes apart made it different. I didn’t need to rush and prepare this and that from turning the computer on to making hot drinks and light breakfast before starting my work.

That day was the first day being called to stay at home. All business places were ordered to close, especially restaurants and malls, including all schools and universities except certain businesses, such as hospitals, private practice places for doctors, retail stores, banks, and several others including the company where I work that is engaged in data processing/payment. Generally, many companies deactivate their employees or employ them at home.

The next few days the mandate from the central government was increasingly tightened because more people were infected and the number of people who died due to contracting Covid-19 also increased. The appeal for home-stay was extended from 14 days to a month. Banks and hospitals as well as private practices for doctors that were initially opened, no longer accept customers and patients. The counters within the bank were closed and only served through the services of outside counters for motorists. They encourage their customers to use online services. Likewise the hospital. They did not accept the arrival of the patients, but consulted by telephone or video. Of course the emergency room is still open for patients who really need help.

Every time on my way home from work that takes another route, passing through the business district and residences, I get sad. Not only the streets were quiet, but there were also not many people milling about in shops and streets. The residences that I used to pass by seemed to have parked cars, including in the streets in front of their houses. It shows that the residents are all at home, not working and not going to school.

A week after closing business places, many employees have been deactivated. They have submitted applications to the government to get unemployment funds. Seeing all that, I looked back at myself, my husband, and my daughter. I am grateful that we are all healthy even though I honestly think that at any time anyone can be infected with this deadly virus. Who is not worried? In my mind I have imagined how those who have been abandoned by their loved ones due to this disease, also many medical personnel who died after serving to help patients suffering from this disease. What happens if that happens to my family members? How am I? How is my daughter and my husband? And I still have many other questions in my mind.

As I write this article, many people have lost their jobs and hope to get unemployment funds. After that they don't know when they will have the chance to get another job. This virus outbreak will certainly take a long time for any business to return to normal. Seeing all that, I'm grateful. Several jobs that I have are still running, even more crowded. Even so, the conditions were unpredictable. Bad conditions can occur at any time and for anyone. This made me kneel with humility. I truly thanked God for His care. Daily needs and monthly bills can still be met without interruption. It still reminds me that my family and I must be wise in using God's blessings in the current situation for other things beyond predictions.

Then what about my daughter's school? As with other children, my daughter experiences the same thing with them: the way how to learn from face to face into online meetings. Not a problem because online activities are familiar for her. Only one thing I notice here where God's blessing is expressed in her: she gets more time to rest and adapt to school work which she has left for more than two months due to hospitalization. If she stays in school, it will be very difficult for her to manage the time to catch up with school work. By staying at home, she has more time and concentrates on doing these tasks, plus the healing process also becomes faster. Even so in my mind I feel sorry for the children who are still hospitalized. Probably parents are not allowed to see their children or may be allowed but still keep a distance of about six feet. That way they cannot touch and hug them. Even sadder when their children are underage who still need hugs and caresses. Probably parents or family members are allowed to wear Personal Protective Equipment clothing to meet them.

My concern grew when I knew one of my virtual students was living with a nurse who was treating patients infected with Covid-19. I advised her to be careful, to keep her distance and cleanliness with her housemate who has a dog. At the end of the virtual class, I encouraged her at any time to pray in addition to herself, family and friends, also to all the medical team so that they are given strength, health, and avoid infection from the disease.

I shared my student's story with my husband. Unexpectedly, he responded to the story by saying, "If I was still nursing, I would not go home. I would stay somewhere else. I would be at high risk of contracting the disease." When he said it, I would like to run and hug  him, feeling grateful he was no longer in charge as a nurse. But the desire to hug him was null. I had to keep him at a distance, especially when he had a cough. But once deep down, my heart cried, a cry of gratitude for my thanks because my husband was at home with his healthy wife and daughter.

My heart was not at peace after all. I needed something to keep my faith firm and hope in God. A day later, I read a post in a group on Facebook: a prayer sent by an admin. My heart became peaceful, remembering that there were many others who prayed on the same topic. I am sure the prayer of believers is not in vain. God will listen and answer. What we need is to stay obedient in carrying out His mandate as His servant or as the leader of the nation chosen as His intermediary hand to help his people. For this reason, below I include the prayer quote. It may be beneficial and uplifting for us all in times of misery and signs of the end times that have been revealed.

“Lord, we continue to go through this pandemic and we have to admit, it's not easy. Lord, we are used to being on the go. We understand our need to slow down and spend more time alone with You. I ask that You help us to not waste our opportunity to feast on your Word and worship you in prayer and song. Lord, we don't know how long this thing will last, but we thank you for giving us time to rekindle our love and relationship with you. Lord, I ask that you bless each of us today with your precious presence. Speak to us today, O Lord. Lord, help us to listen to what you want to say to us. Help us to take advantage of the opportunities we have to be a witness for you before our families, online, and wherever you open doors for us. Lord, help us to be mindful of our need to uphold our public and spiritual leaders in prayer. Help us to remember to also pray for the health workers who are putting themselves at risk daily caring for those affected by this virus. We also ask that You watch over our policemen, firemen, and others who serve to protect and help us. Lord, help us to come out of this unusual time in our history as the strong people of faith and better servants and witnesses for you. In Jesus; name I pray. Amen.” (Jim Hughes, Admin of Christian Authors Book Marketing Strategies group on facebook)***

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