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Thursday, December 31, 2020


Today is the last day of 2020! It has been ten month since we had lockdown in Pennsylvania. COVID-19 has changed everything. What are we going to face in 2021? I believe everybody hopes that in 2021 we will see everything will be better.

Several months after lockdown, I asked my daughter if she felt something that could create depression or anxiety as I read many news that the precentage of people including teenagers experienced anxiety/deprression has increased during this pandemic. Her answer surprised me. She said she didn't have anything that created anxiety or depression but worried about her both parents because we went out to work everyday, especially me. I thanked God she didn't experience anxiety or depression during this pandemic. My husband and I have tried to make everything like normal before pandemic, so it won't create anxiety or depression to eveytbody in our family.

Only one hard thing is she cannot be at home all day and everyday. She wants to meet her friends and go to school and have normal activities. The good things are she has many interests in music (violin, piano, guitar, and ukulele), arts (drawing, painting, and writing), foreign languages (Spanish, Japanese, and Indonesian), online games, and exercises (home biking, yoga, and Tang So Do). She can do all those from home. She also does the dishes, cleans her bedroom, and does her own laundry. So, she has less to be bored.

As she will have the hybrid school soon, this worries me. Although it's only twice a week coming to school. She wants it but I don't want it. I want her to have full online school till the end of the school year. Considering several things, I grant her wish. I believe as long as everybody follows CDC properly and not many students in the school building, everything should be fine. Yes, I better have positive thinking and faith rather than worrying all the time. I consider that having face to face in studying in the class will make students have less stress rahter than sitting in front of the computer screen for eight hours and five days a week. That's hard!

Speaking about studying, it reminds me about one of my students. She was infected by COVID-19 in two weeks before my online class ended. In her last homework to write a summary from a resource of an online Indonesian media, she surprised me. Everything was perfect: no mistakes in her writing and I didn't feel that her writing was written by a foreigner. I gave 100 for her writing homework that I never gave it before to my other students. I asked her how she could do that while she was sick. She just smiled, bowed her head, and said, "I just did it as best as I could." Even in her sick condition, she forced to attend my class eventhough I asked her not to. She commented, "I hate absent!" I told her, if she needed it, why not? Her health was number one. But she shoke her head, right and left. Till the last class ended, she was not absent at all, even she confessed that she was sad that the class ended because my online class was the only chance for her to practice her Indonesian. 

That moment moved my heart. That conversation was enough to show me that she liked or enjoyed my virtual class. I could see even when she was sick, she still wanted to attend. This was good news that I needed to share here as we mostly read many sad or bad news. What we could learn from her that she had enthusiasm to keep moving forward and kept fighting her condition without forgetting to have much rest during her sick and seek helps from the doctor. By the end of class I heard from herself that her husband had COVID too after her and all her children had to be quarantine. Till now I haven't heard anything from her. I hope she and her entire family members are fine.

So what do I wish in 2021? Honestly, for me 2021 will be more challenging. I have to prepare and help my daughter for college applications, scholarships, moving forward for her treatment, etc. I need spending more time with her for those needs. To do those, I have to resign one of my part time jobs and that's fine--considering my health is number one. I need to rest and don't need to work seven days a week. I need to focus in one thing: her school! This has been in my mind many months ago and I told my husband several months ago and he supported me. By resigning one of my part time jobs, I wanted to focus in my full time job, my online teaching, and other language job. I also will have little bit time to write. That's what I need. 

Am I ready to leave 2020? YES! I'm ready, and I'm ready to welcome 2021 with brighter hopes for the future, for me, my daughter, my husband, and the rest of my family members. GOOD BYE 2020!

~ **~

This video is presented by CASO (Coatesville Area String Orchestra): 10th-12th grade. 
It describes that the year of 2020 as "impossible" in many ways.
I share this video as we are going to leave 2020 and welcome 2021 with full of hopes that God will bring us out from this pandemic step by step. Nothing impossible for Him if it's His will. AMEN! 

At the Disco's song IMPOSSIBLE YEAR that features soloist Ariel Abbott on violin, Chaelee Crane on viola, and Thomas Fitzpatrick on cello. 

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Saturday, December 26, 2020

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Published on Thursday, November 26, 2020

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