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Saturday, January 01, 2022

Smart Tips for a Healthy Brain (Part 1)



For my first post in 2022, it will be about cognitive support tips for a healthy brain. I will start for the kids.

Do you have kids? Help their brains!

1. Talk, read, and sing to your baby to help them recognize your voice and understand language.
    When I was pregnant, I listened classical music for her. After she was born, I even began to say prayer every night when bringing her to sleep and before she had breakfast, lunch, and dinner after she began to eat solid food, like banana although she hadn't been able to speak yet.

2. Skip baby talk--talking normally will help develop language skills.
    Yes, I did it when she was baby.

3. Have your child read to  you.
    Sometimes I let her read the story from the children book, especially when she learned how to read. 

4. Assign chores and teach them money management.
    I believe most Asian moms assign chores to their children because it's part of their culture, but it's seldom to find it in most of wealthy family because they have several housemaids, from gardener, driver, household helper (cooking, cleaning, washing, etc.). As an Asian mom, I assign it. In her 17 years old, my daughter takes care of her bedroom, does her own laundry, washes her own dishes, cleans after she makes a mess, etc.
    For money management, I taught her about saving. She bought her own first laptop from her summer job in 2018. She saved her money, and three years later, she used some of her saving for Girl Scout Gold Award project: printing her first book (comic), Phoebe's Mental Health Journey, to support mental health awareness for youth. 

5. Encourage healthy choices, like sleeping well, exercising, and healthy eating.
    Sometimes she goes to sleep late for several needs, like doing school homework or assignment.
    She likes yoga, running, and biking. We both do exercises together sometimes during late spring - early fall.
    I cook almost everyday, so my family will have healthy food. I also serve fruits and want every member of our family will have salad at least twice every week.


"Being mindful and thinking of the future is key when it comes to brain health." -- Jocelyn Konrad, RPh, Rite Aid Chief Pharmacy Officer.

Source: Rite Aid

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