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Monday, March 18, 2013

Participating in ZP Challenge

Today I start to act 4-weeks fitness and 4-weeks nutrition to complete ZP Challenge entry booklet.  Yes, I decided to participate in ZP challenge.  Walmart announced this contest on the associate's announcement board and I was interested to become one of the participants. As a participant, I got an entry booklet and a recipe book from personnel manager. 

The total prize $10,000.00 is not the reason I wanted to participate in it, but this program would challenge me to make my life healthier and better. Also I would like to loose my belly fat that has appeared around 2 inches, hahaha....  With my skinny body posture, it shows up clearly when I wear tight pants or skirts.

On last Saturday I decided to look for a fun cardio workout after my work done, and I found Burlesque by Jazzercise for under $10,00.  GREAT!!!  By buying this DVD, I got free one year subscription for Fitness magazine.  It's cool, isn't it? This morning I brought out my fitness tops and short pan I bought them several years ago and never worn them before.  I knew that one day I would wear them.  I just need to find the right time.
Burlesque by Jazzercise combines sassy, sexy and flirty dance movements to create one fierce and fun cardio workout.  These showgirl-inspired moves will have me feeling more confident as I pop my booty and strut my way across my living room.  Blast fat and redefine my body with ab-toning, thigh-burning, body slimming dance and strength routines. Ditch my inhibitions and shed serious pounds while bringing out my inner vixen!  (B by J).  This DVD includes Burlesque Sexy Sculpt Workout, Quick Fit Workout, and Ab & Booty Blast.

I still remember the last time I did fitness was in Surabaya, preparing for health test provided by US Embassy in Jakarta when I would like to make fiance visa.  I had mild bronchitis and it could be cured just by doing exercises--no medicine, that was my doctor said.  So I signed up for fitness class for 3 months (once a week) and I did morning jogging three times a week for three months.  I got the satisfied result: I passed from all check up tests and I could go to the next level.  I could apply the final step to make fiance visa by going to US Embassy in Jakarta and completed all paperwork.  

OK . . . I'm ready now:  One, two, three, right, and left, and right, and left . . . 

Have you done any exercises in your daily routines to make you feel better and healthier? (*)

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Getting ready to go to dentist for my little daughter's appointment.
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Anonymous 11:24 PM  

HOw did the ZP Challenge turn out?

Fida Abbott 11:35 AM  

It turned out well. Thanks for asking.

Anonymous 8:28 AM  

Hi I would just like to know. Do you need to keep a journal if you join zp? Or is it just the checklist that is needed to send after 4 weeks? Thanks!

Fida Abbott 8:42 AM  

Checklist, please. Thanks for asking.

Fida Abbott 8:43 AM  

Checklist, please. Thanks for asking.


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