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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Support the Cause and Win the Prizes!!

I've just got an invitation from Mariuca for a chance to win £100.00.

How does it work?

Adam's blog is currently running a survey on Consumer's Perception of Blogs. All you have to do is fill up a 15-question survey, which revolves around blogging and your views on it. The questions are simple with most requiring you to rate your response. Moreover, this survey will go towards a good cause and Adam pledges to donate 50p to Cancer Research UK for each completed survey.

At the end of the survey period, Adam will have a prize draw and the lucky respondent (who has completed the survey) will WIN a fantastic cash prize of £100.00 (approx. US$165)! Winner can either keep the cash prize or suggest a donation to a charity of his or her choice. Besides the main prize of £100.00, 10 other respondents will win Amazon vouchers worth £10 (approx. US$16.5) each. Winners will be announced on Adam's blog on December 1st 2009.

As you can see, there are plenty of prizes to go around so if you're feeling lucky like me, complete the survey NOW so you won't miss out!

PS. Let me know once you've completed the survey to enjoy a free linkback to your blog from my blog.

1. Fida Abbott 2. Bluedreamer 3. Rebecca 4. Sandy G 5. Ancilla 6. YOU next


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What am I doing right now?

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Tomorrow I'll get ready to write chapter 20. Ten percents to be finished soon. I'm so excited!!
about 1 minute ago from web


bluedreamer 10:35 PM  

thanks a lot for inviting me fida, im done with the survey and its my turn now to invite others
good luck to us!!

Workplace On the Web 12:29 AM  

I am very pleased to hear from you Fida. yea, it has been a while. been busy lately.hope to see you again.

thanks for the invite. I appreciate it.


Fida Abbott 3:39 AM  

Hi BD,

Thanks for your interest to join supporting this cause. Your name has been added.

Good luck!

Fida Abbott 3:40 AM  

Hi WOtW,

I hope you will be interested to join supporting this cause.

Let me know if you have done it.

Thanks for your response.

Rebecca 11:39 AM  

Thank you for inviting me, Fida! I did the survey, it was very interesting. Will the results be released somewhere? I would be interested in seeing how other bloggers answered the questions!

Dilip Mutum 7:23 PM  

Hi Fida, Thank you so much for the buzz. I have added you to my blogroll and following you on twitter as well. Cheers

SANDY G. 3:38 AM  

Hi Fida. Thanks for letting me know abut the survey. I just completed it! Hope you have a great weekend.

Fida Abbott 8:35 AM  

Hello Rebecca and Sandy,

Thank you for your interests and supports for this cause. Good luck, too.

I hope he will release the result in his post. I'll let you know.

Have great weekend,

Fida Abbott 8:36 AM  

Hello Adam,

What a surprise!

Thank you. I have followed you at Twitter and added your profile at my Blogger Friends (supporter at the link bar above)

Have great weekend

Mariuca 11:33 AM  

Fida!!!!!!! I got my pressie hahahahaha! I looooooove it sweetie!! Hubby says it's awesome too and I really love your handwritten letter, so very much! Thanks a million Fida, love and hugs always! :):):)

Fida Abbott 1:59 PM  


I'm so happy hearing this news that you got my stuff in good condition, especially knowing that you and your hubby love them so much.

Once again, thank you for your compliments.

Love and hugs, too special for you.


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