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Friday, June 27, 2008

Awards Gallery

I would like to give my special thank to my Blogger Friend, Mariuca from Malaysia who has given me big surprises several days ago. She gave me 12 awards once at the time.

I am truly honored by accepting those awards that I never think before. She is so generous Blogger and I have showed them below as my first Awards Gallery from her in slide show with my honor to her exactly.

I promise to give them step by step to other Blogger Friends who also deserve receiving them. And this time, I would like to pass couple of them to:

1. A special Blogger who always cheers me up every time I read her comments in this blog, my other Blog and this site. Congratulation to Devita!!!! (Yeeee!!!) You deserve to get these awards:

2. A special Blogger who has been so friendly to me and she really loves Blogging and she did 'cool' changing in her Blog. Congratulation to Gratcia Siahaya!!! (Yeeee!!!) You deserve to get these awards:

3. Special Blog that ever launched a Project of Ligth A Candle & Say A Prayer for Indonesia. Congratulation to A 15 Minutes!! You deserve to get this award:

4. Two Special Bloggers who have been many years to be my special friends. Congratulation to Rika & Maria!!! (Yeee!!!) Both of you deserve to get this special award:

5. A special Blogger who has inspired and motivated me in writing. Congratulation to Jennie S. Bev!!! (Yeee!!!) You deserve to get this special award:

6. Three special Bloggers who I know them couple months ago and I love to build our friendship in Blogosphere world. Congratulation to Mrs. Mecomber, Hercules Mulligan & Emila Yusof (although Emila has gotten this award before from another Blogger)!!! (Yeee!!!) Three of you deserve to get this award:

7. Three special Bloggers who mostly write the excellent postings in their Blogs. Congratulation to Hercules Mulligan, Mrs. Mecomber & Jed Revolutia!!! (Yeee!!!) You deserve to get this award:

Finally I would like to give special award to Mariuca who has given all of those awards to me. Congartulation!!! You deserve to get this award special from me that I created it myself.

And the rest of the awards I would like to pass them in the next several months. Just keep Bloging and post the best things!!!

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Miss G 11:29 AM  

Fida.... Yaiiiy..thanks... (^_^) Tapi a15minute is closing down, huhu.. so... can we pass the award to all the authors who has writen on a15minute in it's OK by you...? They deserve the award because they are a15minute (^^,)

Hercules Mulligan 12:26 PM  

Wow, Fida! I am honored. :) Thanks for the awards. Yes, I think we are a "perfect blend of friendship." It's amazing how the blogosphere can bring together so many people so closely, whom we have never met before.

Thanks again. Have a great summer weekend. God bless.

~Hercules 12:30 PM  

Thank you for the award, Mbak Fida. Keep rocking the world!

Fida Abbott 3:26 PM  

Gratcia, you're welcome. You can pass that award to its members.

Hercules, you are welcome. You are one of my good Blogger Friends.

Mbak Jennie, you are welcome. I will rock the world (Yeeee!!!)

Best Regards,
Fida 8:38 PM  

Aduh masuk majalah Time ya? Edisi yang mana nih? :)

emilayusof 9:49 PM  

Thank you so much Fida! I am truly honored!

Mariuca 5:14 AM  

YAY!!! Thanks so much Fida, I love ur new award! It's so pretty, just like you! Have a terrific day! :):):)

Fida Abbott 9:37 AM  

Mbak Jennie, LIFE jaman bahula, ha,ha... (I got U)!

Emila, You are very welcome.

Mariuca, Great, it makes me happy ifyou love it. It is special for U!!!

Have Great day to all of U!!!

Maria Coleman 12:17 AM  

Cihuuy...dapet award. Awesome! I will keep on writing.
tengkyu Mbak Fida!

Fida Abbott 9:27 AM  

You are welcome Maria.

Have nice weekend.

Blue Jasmine 11:36 PM  

Thanks, Mbak Fid...sorry, baru bisa lengkap baca sekarang...hehehe....!

Miss G 11:05 PM  

Hahaha....bener mmg ini penyakit ngeblog.. suka kutak-katik templates (^_^)

Awardnya sudah dibagikan kepada yg lainnya juga di a 15minute.

Danke schon!

I am Beaming, Award Lagi From Fida!>

Anonymous 4:45 PM  

I am speechless. Thank you so much for sharing this honor with me! I am so blessed to have a friend like you.

I gave you an award at my other blog.

Congratulations!! I hope you don't mind getting more awards, but you deserve them all!

Fida Abbott 5:43 AM  

Dear my great Blogger Friend, Mrs. Mecomber,

There is no other word I can say except from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU for YOUR GREAT APPRECIATION!!!

I have shown the award on the right side of my Blog.



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