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Friday, March 15, 2013

What's Your Perfect Place To Write?

 Writing, for all its wonders, is essentially a frustrating experience. It takes a lot of time putting words on a page before you get anything half-decent, and even then, having written anything  that will satisfy your own lofty standards is pretty difficult. To ease the process, writers develop routines. However, routines are contingent on something very important for a writer: having a place to write. (Lulu)

So, where do I write?  Before I moved to a new renovated house in December 2011, I wrote at some rooms in my house: master bedroom, my daughter's bedroom, computer's room, and living room because I didn't have a special/certain place to write.  So I kept moving to find the place that I was mood in.  One of my small dreams was to have a special place to write and I could reach what I needed in one place without I had to go to other places.  What I dreamed come true.  With permission of my husband, I used a small room for my office.  I started to collect money and bought 3-piece office set.  I built them with my own hands with all reserved tools and instructions as my summer project.  It was the first time I did it like a carpenter, hehehe! If you want to know how I worked, you can visit this link: MY THREE DAYS SUMMER PROJECT: Handy Manny. I was so happy I did it.  My little daughter was so happy, too.  She said my new office was her favorite room in our house.  Everybody was happy and that made me happy, too.
To celebrate my happiness, I took some pictures and video of my new office.  Since then,  I have been more enthusiastic to write.  Sometimes I don't want to stop, but keep writing when my mind is mood and many ideas come up.  As you know I have to stop it anyway for cooking, or even going to work. 

 So, where do you write? What makes a great writing space for you? Do you still need a room of your own, or does a cafe or library work just as well? Feel free to share here. (*)
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