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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Three Days Summer Project: Handy Manny

I used to have summer project every year after moving to our first new house: gardening and painting. But after last year moving to a smaller full renovated house, my project has changed, it's not gardening and painting anymore.  What's it? 

Before we moved to this house last year in early December (2011), I told to my husband that I would use the smallest room in the house as my office. He was OK with my idea as he knew before that I really wanted a space for my work/project.  I wanted to reach everything I need in one place.  It means I don't need to go to other room to take something for my need when I'm working.
Summer is always a good idea to realize it.  Before go back to school season, I was planning to make it happen.  One thing I need was finding the right furniture: computer desk and small book shelves, etc that met my budget and fit into the room.  I found one with 10% discount at Walmart.  Wuhuuu!!!  It was under my budget and this made me happy.   I started to work  on this project last Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Three days in a row and yesterday (Tuesday) I was completely done to arrange the room. 

Now I would love to share the pictures when I was doing my projects.  It was fun but I used a lot of energy to become a handy woman for the first time, hahaha!!!  I think my aunt, Evy, was right.  She ever called me  Bunglon when I was in the university!!!  The reason was why she called me that name because she had seen me do many different things well.

The first time when I opened the heavy big box and brought everything out, I was little bit worried and thought, could I do this?

Many pieces and small parts.
I used hammer, screwdrivers, etc.
I used my winter glove when working so it would not hurt my hand palm.

First project done on Saturday morning: a small bookcase to put my important books from dictionaries, writing books, novels, softwares, etc.  This is the most simple one and my husband hadn't said anything yet at that time.

The second project was almost done in Sunday night.
The second project still needed something
I was working on it.
Almost done.
A drawer!
The second project done: a straight cabinet.
It's simple but cool.  My husband said, "It's good, honey!"
The third project began on Monday afternoon.
Little bit scratches/bumps on several surfaces so I layered it with two big pillows.
Finally, I did it after more than 3.5 hours!!!  When my husband went home from work and saw it, he said, "You freak me out!  What you need me to do?" 
I answered, "Nothing.  It's done." 
He responded, "I will help to bring this upstairs."
"Thank you, honey," I said with a happy face.
Several minutes later after he checked everything, I heard he said loudly, "You're amazing!  I can't say how could you did this?  This table is too big for you to make it."  (as you know I'm a petite woman)

I just laughed. 
My little daughter gave her thumb up for my work done.
And then she also asked me to take a picture of her drawing (anime).  She drew it when I was working. One good drawing from 8 year old-talented girl.
When I write this post, I'm sitting in my office with a sweet accompany of Indonesian Bamboo Music.  Nice, and I feel Indonesia atmosphere in my first new office.

To celebrate this I would attach some pictures and videos of my new office for the next post.  If you're interested, please, stay tuned.  Thank you for your visit and reading my blog. (*)
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