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Sunday, August 26, 2012

My New Work Station

Having a special place to work is absolutely important.  We can work and concentrate better to do our job. 

I thank my husband by giving me permission to use our smallest room to be my office, my work station--a place where I write and do my online works/activities.   I have organized it and everything looks so neat.  My daughter said it was her favorite place and my husband said the room looked great and he was happy.

I'm happy, my daughter and my husband are happy too.  This makes me happier because of this room has made everybody in home happy.  And the special thing about this office, the furniture: computer desk, book shelves, and straight cabinet were installed by myself (My Three Days Summer Project).

My new office hasn't done yet in arranging.  I still have several wall decorations need to install.  It seems I will need my husband help although I think probably I can do it by myself.  Special for this house I won't decorate with many small stuff to make me easy cleaning the house and will save my time.  The small stuff just creates the dust so I better avoid it.  They have been still in several boxes since we moved to this house and I haven't opened them yet.

As you see from a picture below and three videos I took just for fun, there are a Barbie doll wearing Sumatera clothes and made in Indonesia placed on the electric fire place.  My husband found it accidentally while he stopped at a big retail store on the way going home from work.  Because it was very rare to find it, he bought 4 dolls for his girls (his wife, and his three daughters).  I keep it as my special collection.

You will also see Batik in a frame.  I brought it from Indonesia.  It's very memorable as my grandma used it to make her own "sarong".  She ever told me that she wanted to see my children after I married but it was sad, she passed away even before I married.  So I decided to bring a piece of this Batik to US and let her spirit comes to see all my children. 

Other wall decoration is my cross-stitch I made for the first time when I arrived to US.  Because I would give it as a birthday gift to my husband so I made it every time he went to work.  Till the day came, he was so surprised and asked when I made it.  It was a very special gift as I made it around 4 months.
Other small decoration is a real star fish given by my sister in law when she came back from her vacation last year in New Jersey and visited us.  It's wrapped by something that's sparkle like silver.  It's beautiful.

So now, what's next?  I think one day I should have a small couch and a small table.  The couch should be multifunctional as a small bed too with a purpose when I don't work there, my children can use it as an entertainment place (watching video, listening the music, reading or even online and play the online games).

As I promised, below I attach several videos--just for fun.  I played Indonesian bamboo music CD when I took this video.  It's very nice.  Which song do you like most?  My husband loves "Soleram".  He ever sang it in front of my parent/family when the first time he met them and this make them so happy. 
 Song title:  Bengawan Solo (National song, by Gesang)
 Song title:  Jali-jali (Betawi-Jakarta song)
Song title:  Soleram (Riau song)
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