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Designed to fire up your interest, Enthusiasm is a fascinating and hopeful novel based on the author’s own true story. In this exceptional masterpiece, Abbott narrates the journey of her life and shares how enthusiasm plays a vital role in pursuing her dream in the writing world—with English as her second language—in her new country.

Here, she exemplifies her experiences, her family and relationships, her inspirations, and her passage towards her remarkable goals. This novel is a reflection of her own life, how she faces obstacles, how she handles life, how she inspires others, how she touches other people’s lives through her works, and how she achieved the amazing successes of her life and endeavors—a perfect blend of life’s spices.

Through Enthusiasm: A Novel Based on the Author's Own True Story, you will be affected by the author’s wonderful story. Filled with hope and inspiration, strength and enthusiasm, this book will draw out the best within your heart and mind.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

"Enthusiasm" Giveaway Contest

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today is the time to launch the first "Enthusiasm" Giveaway Contest. I'm very excited to announce it as I have been waiting for so long after this book was released.

The Rules:

1. This contest is created special for Bloggers and Facebook Users but not for Author's family members, either in USA or Indonesia. For Blog is at least six months old blog and the participant is an active blogger. For Facebook Users at least you have 100 friends connected in your profile.
2. To participate in this contest, you have to be at least 18 years old;
3. Contest starts from Friday, April 9, 2010 to Sunday, April 25, 2010 at 12.00 PM midnight US Eastern Time;
4. Write the title in your post: "Enthusiasm" Giveaway Contest;
5. Attach this picture below on the top of your post;

6. Write at least three paragraphs of the reasons why you are interested to participate in this "Enthusiasm" Giveaway Contest" and please, include three links in your entry each to (1) (2) and (3);
7. Running contest post for Blog must be published until the time of the announcement day. After that the participants may delete it or let it be published in their blogs;
8. Running contest post for Facebook Users: they have to tag at least 20 persons in one time sending. Include my name in every tag sent! More tags sent to different people, more scores the participants get;
9. Quality of the content post is very important to get the highest score;
10. For Blogger participants who are also the EC members will get extra bonus 50 EC after they post their entry in their blogs;
11. Leave a message with the link of your entry to this post to let me know that you are one of the contestants and don't forget to show your support to the author by subscribe to this blog (for bloggers) and follow my networkedblogs (for Facebook Users). See both signs on the right side of this blog!;
12. More participants, more winners will be chosen;
13. The Winners will get a free trade paperback copy of "Enthusiasm" book with author's autograph and a beautiful bookmark sent directly to the address they provide;
14. The winners must write the review after they receive and read the book in their Blogs (for Blogger) and in the note tag (for Facebook Users) and let me know after you have done by giving me a link (Blog) or tag me in your note (Facebook)
15. The winners may still have the chances to participate in the second and third "Enthusiasm" giveaway contests (Photo and Review "Enthusiasm" Giveaway Contest);
16. This contest allows international entries. You may use English or Indonesian in your entry post;
17. The winners will be announced in the first week of May 2010 at
18. Author won't accept any questions or letters sent by email, facebook or comments through this post regarding the rules of the contest, including SMS or phone.

"Enthusiasm" will attend at Book Expo America 2010 in New York (May 25-27, 2010), Beijing International Book Fair (Sept 2-6, 2010), Frankfurt International Book Fair (Oct 6-10, 2010), and London Book Fair 2011.

Let's celebrate! Be the first of the contestant! Show your enthusiasm as the participants in this "Enthusiasm" Giveaway Contest!


1. Henny Listyowati, Jakarta-Indonesia
2. Blue Dreamer, Cavite-Philippines
3. Stephanie Setiyadi, Surabaya-Indonesia
4. Blue Jasmine, Surabaya-Indonesia
5. Mariuca, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia
6. You are next

What am I doing right now?

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I'm very excited announcing my first "Enthusiasm" Giveaway Contest!
about 1 minute ago from web


bluedreamer27 12:01 PM  

whoah, this is what i'm waiting for... count me in count me in... will be working with that as soon as possible... will send you the link soon

thanks for this!
goodluck to all of us!! Cheers!

bluedreamer27 12:02 PM  

count me in!

Fida Abbott 11:04 AM  

Go, go BD!!!

Good luck!

Henny Listyowati 12:57 AM  

Halo mbak Fida,

Saya mendaftar kontes yaa... *dengan nada pe de*

Tulisan tentang kontes sudah saya posting di blog dengan link

Woaa...ngga bisa dibuka?! Hmm...kayaknya saya pasang banner terlalu gede...ok mbak tak perbaiki dulu blognya.

Salam damai,

Henny L

Dhemz 1:23 AM  

oh sounds exciting! good luck Fida....:)

Henny Listyowati 4:43 AM  

Ikut mbak...

Henny L

Fida Abbott 10:36 AM  

Hello Henny,

You're the first contestant.Thank you for your interest. I have visited your blog and read your entry. Yours is approved.

Good luck!

bluedreamer27 9:09 AM  

hi fida, i'm done hooray!!!
here's my link..

hope you like it... have a great day and ahppy blogging and again best wishes for your book cheers

Mariuca 10:09 AM  

Hi sweetie... I wanna say a big congratulations on your first novel, I can't imagine da feeling but I bet it's overwhelming. I wish u success with this first book and many more to come, hugs! :)

Fida Abbott 10:35 AM  

Dear BD,

I'm glad you have interest to participate in this contest. I have visited and checked your entry. You have 2 broken links. They are Fida Abbott and

Please, fix them soon and then let me know so I can approve it soon and list it in this post.

Happy blogging and good luck!

Fida Abbott 10:36 AM  


Thanks a lot for your support and attention. I hope you are one of the participants in this contest too.

Happy blogging!

bluedreamer27 12:30 PM  

yikes! Fida im so sorry for the links... i forgot to check them before posting my entry... will inform my readers about that

Fida Abbott 12:47 PM  

Yeah, you're done. I've approved your entry and now is in my post list.

Good luck!

Henny Listyowati 12:18 AM  

Hello Fida,

Woaa..firstline?! It's make nervous... :)
Ok, glad I can jont to your contest.

Greet for Jakarta Indonesia

Stephanie Setiyadi 11:44 AM  

hi mbak fida, sorry for being a little bit 'lemot'..
finally i understand...

Okay there, thanks for inviting me to join this contest. It's really a 'giveaway' , so that i can share to whole public what is enthusiasm really mean personally.

So, this is my link :

just come by anytime, maybe other bloggers want to share their story in my second blog.

Happy Blogging everyone..

NB : Mbak Fida, congratz yah buat novelnya sekali lagi..

Fida Abbott 1:07 PM  

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for your interest and support. I have visit yours and checked your entry and it has been approved.

Happy blogging and good luck!

Blue Jasmine 9:47 AM  

Okay, Mbak article is ready for your editing...hihihi...

Fida Abbott 4:12 PM  

Dear BJ,

Thank you for your interest to participate in this contest. I really appreciate it and feel honored.

Your entry is cute and really fun. I really enjoy reading it.

I have read all and approved it. This post has been linked at its post.

Happy Blogging and good luck!

Mariuca 5:44 PM  

Hi sweetie, I made it! Here is my entry, love and hugs! :)

Fida Abbott 11:29 PM  

Hello Mariuca,

Thank you so much for your participation & support. I have visited and read your entry and approved it.

Good luck and have fun in blogging.

Love and hugs too,

Reanaclaire 10:47 AM  

hi..coming by via bluedreamer's blog.. wanna see what the contest is all about..
all the best to the participants.. have fun!

HOKI 7:09 AM  

Thank you Reanaclaire for your interest to visit this blog and wonder what the contest is all about...



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