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Saturday, August 19, 2017

INTERMEZZO OF THE DAY: Smile for Customers!

Have you read my recent post titled Celebrating 11 Years of Servicing Walmart Customers? If you read it, you know why I write this post.
Eleven years servicing in the retail world, I have faced many different kind of customers, from good and friendly until bad and unfriendly when meeting them on the floor or speaking with them on the phone. Anyway, most customers like when the people who serving them smile, and I do smile.
I got "thank you" from them by showing my smile. One day I helped on the register, a customer said, "Thank you for your smile." I also had the same experience when a customer was waiting at the fitting room. Not only with customers, I also got compliments from fellow associates, supervisors, managers, and management members.
I had a funny story regarding to my smile. When I was helping at the register and there was no line, I saw a young man (late twenty) coming toward my register. I smiled already when seeing him walking toward my register. I thought he would like to pay but I was wrong. He just passed, and then he came back.
"Are you married?" he asked.
I showed my left finger without saying anything and still smiled.
"Too bad. He is a lucky man!" he said and left.
I could not hold my laugh. I shook my head many times. He thought maybe I was like his age or younger than his age. He didn't know maybe I was like his aunt's age, hahaha!
The next day at home I told my husband about that man and asked him, "Are you a lucky man?"
He was thinking but didn't answer it.
"Say yes or no!" I teased him.
He kept quiet and busy with his fingers doing something.
"Okay, if you answer, I'll kiss you," I teased him again.
He didn't give any response.
It made me cranky, so I tricked him. "Okay, if you answer, I will kiss you. If you don't answer, I'll kiss you, too."
He glanced at me. Then in a second he moved his back and run. 
I chased him. Hahaha!
Speaking about smile for customers, combining it with good customer service, it will make valued customers feel special. One day I serviced an old lady in the wheel cart finding her needs. By the end of her small shopping, she said, " next time when I shop here, I'll make sure to find you first!" It was unexpected compliment and it made my day.
Other interesting story: a lady came to me. She asked my opinions for the clothes she would buy. I gave my honest opinion and she enjoyed it. The problem was, she kept asking me till she felt satisfied. By the end of our conversation, she talked about her son who had different things with her and she found difficulty to manage. I said to her, "That's no problem, it was easy to fix, but not like me. My husband and I comes from different country so we have many things different, culture, habits, etc." I gave her several examples. 
She was amazed by my stories. Then she asked very carefully, "So how do you face those different things?" 
I responded, "Well, it's good for me." 
She narrowed her eyebrows--confused, and asked me again carefully, "Why is it good?" 
I replied, "Good, because I'll write a book about those things!" 
She laughed so hard. She didn't expect I said that. I was worried seeing how she laughed. I looked around to see if other customers stared at us. Thanks God, not many customers were around us. Yes, she didn't know if I wrote a book. She thought I was making a joke. I wasn't. Hahaha!***
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