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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Growing After Being A New Citizen

Even though I have been almost 13 years living in the USA, I am still learning many new things--like a person who is aged almost 13 years old that still needs to learn a lot things. I consider my age of 13 years old of becoming a resident in the USA. I love learning so I can grow. So what I have been learning? OK, let me write a long list below:
- learning to so speak English in my daily activities;
- becoming a wife to an American;
- becoming a mother to my baby and my three grown up kids (teenagers at that time);
- becoming a cook lover;
- becoming active using internet to browse many interesting stuffs;
- learning to write after almost 20 years absent;
- learning to blogging using my second language;
- learning to be a self-published author;
- learning to know the school system by following the school activities of my youngest daughter;
- learning about American Girl Scouts systems and activities which my youngest daughter joins in;
- learning how to garden and grow flowers, fruits and vegetables in the country who has four different seasons;
- learning to apply jobs;
- learning how to interact with many type of Americans;
- learning how to socialize with my husband's big family;
- learning how to socialize with others;
- learning to volunteer at elementary school by teaching students reading;
- learning the new skills by taking some courses in the different fields: crafting in English writing, entrepreneurship, marketing, administrative assistance and federal taxes;
- learning many new systems from paying bills, health insurance, purchasing online, etc.;
- learning to handle many new challenging things happened in family circumstances that mostly drive me crazy;
- and many other things.
Believe or not, I still need to learn many things. Learning is awesome even though sometimes it makes my nerves become tense; drains my energy, time, thought, and money (hahaha).
Becoming a new citizen is the right decision. My family is here. My soul is here. So, here I am with lot of hopes, goals and dreams. 
So what I have done after being a new citizen? For this answer, I don't have a long list but I have been satisfied for taking two big steps: protecting my family by having life insurance and building the stronger financial by having an investment.
And what will I plan to do next? For this answer, I still don't have a long list either, but several things I am sure to do soon is continuing my tax school (Intermediate level) this summer and becoming a volunteer in the community. (What I really enjoy my life--good and bad) ***
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