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Monday, June 30, 2014

Enjoying First Harvest

First harvest: sweet peas, June 29, 2014
Gardening is one of my hobbies. It helps me to release my mind from routine activities. It's also a simple and cheap medicine to release stress.
I decided to have more organized spot by digging a long row on the ground and planted couple kinds of vegetables. I have some sweet peas (from seeds), 2 cucumbers (from seeds), 1 hybrid cherry tomatoes (from a small plant I bought), and 1 hybrid sweet pepper (from a small plant I bought).
I still have 1 pot of watermelon from seed that needs to be planted soon. Last evening I had prepared the spot to plant this. One chili plant is still sprouting (my experiment for the second time) and  it will be ready next several weeks to be planted on the pot.
This morning I had my first harvest for sweet peas. I cooked them  to make a bowl of simple salad: Rotini, tuna, sweet peas and sun-dried tomatoes pesto. It was tasty and everybody liked it. (*)
Rotini salad with tuna, sweet peas and sun-dried tomatoes pesto
And below is a video of my small garden.
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One day at the time. What a wise reminder from myself to myself. about 1 minute ago from web


Mariuca 7:24 PM  

Ha ha I remember planting watermelon as a kid and a tiny watermelon appeared one day, I thought it was the coolest thing LOL! Happy gardening Fida! :)

Fida Abbott 3:38 AM  

Hi Mariuca, do you still want to garden again. Try it! It's fun.


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