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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CELEBRATING OUR 10th ANNIVERSARY (Part 2): Special Gift From Me For My Husband

First of all: Thank you family members and friends who had sent cards via mail and greetings via facebook for our 10th Anniversary.  We had special moment in our small comfy home in celebrating our 10th Anniversary, but very simple, sweet and memorable.  No guest invited, only three of us: my husband, me, and our little daughter.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I would love to share about a special gift that had surprised my husband.  Since I got the second job, I had started to think one day I would give a very special gift for our 10th Anniversary.  What was that?  I still didn't know at that time.  The idea came up when we moved last year to a small-renovated home, I noticed that our bed looked old--more than 15 years old--besides it was too firm.  It was not good for him who has pain on his neck and shoulder. We needed a better mattress, and I wanted it with a very good quality. I knew it wasn't cheap, so I prayed I would get it when big discount came.  My prayer was answered at the time I wasn't sure if I could realized it.

When I went to associate room to have lunch, there was nobody.  I saw pieces of newspaper spread all over the tables, so I decided to collect all and brought them to my table and started to read page by page.  In the end of the page I read, there was a full page of Sleepys advertisement.  They were having BIG DISCOUNT!!!  I was stunned with the prize for a mattress and decided the next day I planned to take a look.  One of their branch stores is located near my work, so I just took a walk to get there.  Finally I wasn't satisfied with the real mattress they offered like on the newspaper.  They made it look much better on the picture than the real one.  I kept looking all mattresses but nothing I could afford in the short time but I still kept waiting for the salesman who was serving two other customers.  When one customer was done, he then served the second one and asked me what I needed politely and friendly after he commented that the advertiser used to made the things look much better than the real one of what they were presenting.

He pointed a mattress located across the place where I stood up--even I passed it, how I could???  My eyes opened widely--didn't believe with the prize they gave: discount $400 and it was included with its boxspring.  WOW!!!  With his permission, I tried to lie down on it several minutes.  I was very sure it was the mattress my husband need.  He suggested me to lock the price and I did with only a small payment $100, and then I could pay the rest whenever I wanted till the time I chose for delivery after I explained him it would be for my husband gift for our 10th Anniversary.  (I could not believe it!!!)
This is not a real mattress and boxspring I bought.  It's similar like that for its performance. I think it isn't available to buy online because I have searched it several times. 

The delivery men came around 4.30 PM on Friday, Oct 5, 2012 when I was making cupcakes.  They brought a mattress, a boxspring, mattress cover, and boxspring cover.

My husband came from work around 9.30 PM when I was busy applying make up on my face (hehehe!). When I went downstairs, I asked him to read my recent post about Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary (Part I)
Then it was the time to give a special gift in a white long-regular envelope.
I called him: My Groom.  I think we remarried again, hahaha!!!

He opened the envelope and read my note.


This is what I wrote.

He was speechless--could not say anything.

But, I still didn't want him to go upstairs to see the mattress.  He needed to have his supper first to give him more energy.

What he ate?  I just cooked very small portion--just for 3 of us: nasi kuning (yellow rice), kering tempe pedas (hot fried tempe--not for our little daughter), Buffalo baked chicken, fried noodle, emping belinjo (Belinjo chips--my husband favorite chip from Indonesia), and fried egg swirls.
When he went upstairs to have quick shower and would wear his suit, I explained him that night we just got mattress delivery. For 9 inches boxspring, didn't fit to bring it upstairs, so they would bring 5 inches boxspring on Sunday with no extra charge for delivery.  It means we were going to sleep on the floor for 2 nights. That's cool! (hahaha!!!)

On Sunday morning two delivery men arrived.  I started to arrange to make it look neat and beautiful with layering new satin bedspread  with its matched pillow covers. I bought them from a clearence rack.  (How lucky I was to find them).

I added a small touch: a small accent pillow, a gift from children couple years ago.

Then I layered it with the beautiful comforter that has color matched with the satin bedspread, a Mothers day gift from my husband a year ago. It looked PERFECT!!!  I was so happy, so was he.  Then my little one started to jump on it.  "Oops!  Not for jumping, honey!" I warned her.
Then she lay down on it and said, "Mamma, it's very comfortable.  Can I sleep here?"
Oops!!!  (I shook my head)***

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Mariuca 4:28 PM  

So nice ur handwriting Fida LOL! What a thoughtful gift, so much effort put into it, I am sure your hubby was thrilled to receive this! Happy 10th anniversary! :)

Fida Abbott 5:43 PM  

Thank you, Mariuca. Yes, he was thrilled when received it. He never imagined it.

Happy blogging!

Blue Jasmine 8:46 PM  

Happy 10th anniversary, Mbak! Wish you both more love and happiness for years ahead...sampe kakek-ninen, Javanese said...hihihi...

Fida Abbott 10:29 AM  

BJ, thank you so much.
Yes, until we are called Grandma and Grandpa.

Happy blogging


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