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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My 55th Blogging Award and Preparing for Video Interview

Hello guys,

This month is my break time month. I enjoy my days with no more tasks I have to finish in hurry except keep watching and managing the online writing course that is running now and has started since last week. Two classes! Wohoo!! More challenges! Reading e-books/books is other activity and this week I still continue reading "Yeshua". More e-books and other writing resources will be in the line for the rest of the weeks in this month. Thank you to Yunita Phillips who sent me her other Teenager Book entitled "Maafkan Aku" (Forgive Me). I read it in 2 days and really enjoyed. The story reminded me when I was teenager, he he . . .

This afternoon I was busy preparing a nice place for long distance interview via Skype tomorrow afternoon with Danielle from TheAuthorsShow. It will be delivered in web-video interview for the next 1-2 months. So keep visiting this blog to read announcements for this event.

While I was cleaning and arranging my online spot, someone delivered a mail that didn't belong to him. Voila!!! A new blue batik top for summer from my sister in law. I tried it and took a snapshot from Skype-video as you see on the left side. Ha ha . . . that's my original face without make up. I looked tired after cooking and cleaning. Btw, thank you, Cathy for a nice B-day gift. I love it!

And in this spare time, I would like to thank Mariuca's Perfume Gallery who has been presenting me an award: STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD as my 55th award in blogging. Thanks so much for believing in my blog and I am pleased to present this award to all my other friends and readers who have also been supportive of my personal blog over the last year.

Thank and link back the person who gave you this award.
Share 7 things about yourself.
Award at least 5 great bloggers you know.
Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

Then this award will go out to Blue Jasmine, Bintang, Dhemz, and Icha. Enjoy reading their blogs!

Seven things about me:

- Friendly
- Organized person
- Love children
- Like gardening
- Like singing in the vocal group
- Love to write something that bothers my mind, ha ha ha . . .
- Like cooking and enjoy serving my family and guest with my own food.

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Getting ready for preparing dinner.

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Blue Jasmine 8:44 PM  

Waaaaa.....thanks for the award, Mbak Fid! I'll do the rule as soon as I could.....I'm sooooo sleepy right now, because I had to wake up very early to attend the Ash Wednesday Mass this morning....

Fida Abbott 2:47 AM  

Rilex, BJ. You can do it at any time you have.

Happy blogging.

Mariuca 9:45 AM  

Ahahahah wowie 55th award already Fida? Let's get u to 100 soon, congrats and hugs!! :):):)

Fida Abbott 10:47 AM  

Ha ha ... 100 awards, that will happen in the next several years!
Thank you, Mariuca for your appreciation.

Hugs, too!

bluedreamer27 4:57 PM  

woohoo... you deserve this award Fida!! Congrats

Fida Abbott 8:43 PM  

Thanks, BD.
Congrats, too for you.

Devita 6:24 AM  

Thank you sis Fida!! I love it. I am trapped in a heavy rain. Let's hope that everything will be okay.
Here is my link:

HOKI 11:49 PM  

You're welcome, Icha.
Thanks also for display that award at your blog. I'll visit it soon.

Happy Blogging


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