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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turning Hurt Into Hope

Yesterday I received a book, titled 'Turning Hurt into Hope' from Nancy Dinar (pastor and christian counselor) from Indonesia who lives in South Korea as the Author if this book. It is the 4th book I got from my Cyber Friends from around the world I never met in person, after two books from Robert TS Nio from Netherlands, titled 'The Mang Ucup Code' and 'Gereja Duit vs Gereja Allah' (Money Church vs God Chuch) that I received in December 2006 and a book from Jennie S. Bev. from California (USA), titled 'Mindet Success: Menuju Kebebasan Finansial' that I received in June 2007. Either books from Robert and Jennie were as the gifts, which I had won in their contests.

In February 2009, Nancy ever asked me to review her manuscript and I accepted it gratefully as she gave a trust in me in reviewing it. Two months ago, in September 2009 it has been published by Metanoia in Jakarta (Indonesia). I was happy for her as I ever thought her book will give great blessing to every reader.

Honestly, when I read it and wrote a review, I was impressed about her own true story in her family life, especially about her dad who was healed from cancer miraclely and how God took his life through His plan when at the time she was writing this book to dedicate it to him.

Reading her book will give you the strength in facing the difficult life because there is always a hope behind everything happened in the life as long as we believe He will make His Way to every person who has given a trust in Him.

In her book, you will also find FIVE reasons why the people loose their hopes, SIX goals behind distresses, SEVEN big things God heals, and EIGHT attitudes to have a bright future.

If you're an Indonesian and interested to purchase her book online or offline, you should visit Metanoia site to find out more how you could get this book.

My special message for Nancy, I would like to thank for her effort in sending her book. It will be one of my special books collection that came from my cyber friends. Congratulations, Nancy and may God bless you and your family in serving God's mission. Amen.


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Checking chapter 13 of 23.
about 1 minute ago from web


Nancy 4:07 AM  

It is my pelasure to have you as friend through the cyberworld. You are a friend indeed. And thank for reviewing this book in your beautiful blog too.

The book has became a blessing for many people jsut right after it published. I know only God and God alone can do such thing. I just feeling so humble that He want to use my life (with all its grace and disgrace moments) for His kingdom.

Sometime you too inspired me to be tough and moving forward in writing despise my hectic life as a mother, pastor and teacher. I know that life is tough for every single mother who raise children, especially in foreign country. You've been through it victoriuosly.

Bless you always, Fida.

HOKI 7:29 AM  

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for your very kind and honest words. Expression that comes from your heart will be crafted in my writing story.

Yes, we both are the mothers who live in foreign countries and this made us becoming tough and even more to be exist in different world.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Mariuca 10:42 AM  

Hi Fida! Here to drop off some awards for your lovely blog, happy weekend! :)

bluedreamer27 9:29 PM  

hi fida
just dropping by here
have a great day my friend

by the way, i just posted something about you know something about them please feel free to share your thoughts

HOKI 12:21 PM  

Hello Mariuca,

Thank you so much. I will post it soon when I have a big chance. I have been sick, also my little daughter, too.

Have great day.

HOKI 12:23 PM  

Hi BD,

No, I'm not their member. I have read your post and left a message there.

Have great weekend.

bluedreamer27 4:20 AM  

there's a light in every darkness... right?


Fida Abbott 9:09 AM  

Right, BD.
Thanks and have great weekend.


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