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Thursday, January 08, 2009

My Credentials

Writing Stars
Writing score: 73%
Total Articles: 64

What do you want to compete if you want to be a good writer??? Well, I don't claim that I'm a writer but writing has become a part of my life since I know the blogging world. Sometimes in my mind there are so many things I want to write but I have to face the reality that I have to be wise to manage my time between my family, my daily activities, my work, etc. One thing that I always have a commitment, at least once/week, I have to write something, either at my own blogs, here or there, at Helium, Cross-Written, or Daily Avocado. One of my own Blogs at here, I just update if there are a new book/e-book/other published stuff I'll launch.

Talking about an online media where the best writers can compete is HELIUM. I found this site when I was a newbie in blogging world. I decided to join this site to know how far my ability to write in English and to know how far I could compete with the best writers around the world.

It wasn't so easy in the beginning and I was not a simple person to give up just for trying couple months or several years to reach either rating stars or writing stars. After I wrote 64 articles/poetries there, I should stop to write more and focused to do the leap frog for my articles that might need to rewrite for better quality. I did it step by step every time I had a chance to write and last night I did a leap frog an article and I hoped it could increase my writing scores. What I got this morning?? I really could not wait what happened, this morning I checked it up, wow, I got ONE Writing Star (Yeahhhh!!). I felt my time I had spent already was so worthy.

Now, what's next? As I said before at my last posting, at least 3 writing stars I had to reach.

Well, I just enjoy every writing I'll write without pressure. Whenever I find an interesting topic and have a chance to write, I'll write there.

What am I doing right now?

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about 1 minute ago from web


Devita 8:03 PM  

Hi sister! I am following you at Avocado. I always learn from you. Have a great day!

sahala napitupulu 5:50 AM  

Shalom ibu Fida.

Ini pertama kali saya berkunjung ke beranda maya ibu. Praise lord Yesus, saya menemukan banyak mutiara dalam tulisan2x ibu. Sangat memberkati.Dan nampaknya saya harus sering-sering berkunjung ke sini. Ini saya ulurkan tangan saya pada ibu (lihatlah melalui imajinasi) dan berkata : Salam Kenal !

God's abundant and blessing.

Fida Abbott 6:27 AM  

Hi Devita,
Great!! You are a good learner!!!

Have great day too.
Your Sister

Fida Abbott 6:29 AM  

Hello Sahala,

Welcome to my Blog!
Senang mendengar apabila Mas Sahala menyukai tulisan-tulisan saya. Saya bersyukur ternyata tulisan-tulisan tersebut menjadi berkat untuk sesama.

Salam kenal juga ya Mas!!


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