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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Winner is...

I can not wait to announce the best contestant of my event. Actually I could do it last week but I could not arrange my busy days to post this news here. Now I have time to post it.

There were 4 contestants:

First contestant: Vivie from Germany. Reading her ' My Story', it reminded me about my own story. It wasn't easy to adapt every new things I had at the new place/country that we never visited or lived there before. The support from husband and other family/friends were the best thing I really needed. Vivie, you are a great telling story person. Although you had been many weeks were absent from writing but I saw your great effort and excitement to share your story was really appreciated and impressed.

Second Contestant: Maria Coleman, Texas-USA. Her 'Working in USA' was written well in English. She is good in writing and I am so proud of her for being such great employee at the place where she works right now that is full with competition to be the best from the best. Congratulations, Maria!

Third Contestant: Nancy Dinar, South Korea. 'Hidupku di Korea' (My Life in Korea) was very well written in Indonesian. I felt inside of her writing when I read it. I think she might be good becoming a novelist if she wants to. Nancy, it was a sweet and beautiful writing you ever wrote. I saw your talent in appreciating your thought and your feeling in your writing. Well done, Nancy.

Fourth Contestant: Christina Hann, Germany. She wrote her great adventures life as an expatriate in three countries she ever lives, titled 'Taipei-Hongkong-Aachen'. It was so fun reading her story that was written in English. From her writing, I think she is absolutely a fun adventured Lady with her happy life.

So,....who is the winner of Fida Abbott's Giveaway of the Year-2008????

The best contestant should has everything in writing skill. If she writes in English, she should know how to write in English well including tenses and grammar, and if she writes in Indonesian, she also knows how to write in Indonesian well including in using EYD, grammar, etc. Beside those factors, the most important thing is the content of the writing. It is not only good story she writes but more than that how the story/the writing will influence the readers, giving the special impression or not. Good doesn't mean impressed. Many people can write the good things in good writing but they can not write them to make them interesting. This is its point, this is an art in writing skill. The success writer knows how to write something interesting beside choosing the interesting title. They can write about a simple thing and make it very interesting!!!

Are you ready??? ...
The best contestant is from South Korea, NANCY DINAR !!!!

Congratulations for Nancy and congratulations also to other 3 contestants, Vivie, Maria, and Christina. All of you have made great entries but I have to pick the best one.

I hope this event can give the stimulation for all of us to keep writing and writing, better and better. Just keep writing, and never give up to practice. Be yourself!!! Everybody is unique in appreciating the thoughts in writings.

Below is two pictures I took 2 days ago. I had been busy in wrapping all those gifts. Everything is just simple and special from me and ready to be sent. I have gotten all the addresses already except from Nancy Dinar and Bintang. Please, send me an email and inform your complete address including your ZIP Code.

The special gift will not be told here because I want to give a surprise to all of the contestants and supporters but you can see a little bit above the assorted gifts I will send. Remember: All the contestants will be in my next drawing contest to get my one of printed book. For the supporters, please, don't be sad! You can be in this drawing with only to do one thing: after you receive my packet via post, write in your Blog with a topic 'what do you think about my recent event' (that's all). The Entry should be posted before February 2009. The link should be sent to me after posting and have to be on the top posting in your Blog for at least 3 days, so hopefully the visitors at your Blog can feel the joy of your sharing too.

Finally, to all of my supporters and contestants, I would like to thank you for every great effort and support to bring my event wonderfully and successfully, and to them who will celebrate Thanksgiving on this Thursday, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

What am I doing right now?

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Nancy 4:55 AM  

Oh Fidda, how nice of you. You really thrilled me, absolutely!. I never think the simple thing I wrote for you is considered this far.

To be honest, I don't want to bother you by sending me a gift that is why I'm not reveal my address. To be able to participate in your contest is already an honor. I learn from your spirit and confidence, how you set goals and pursuing your dreams. This is the reason why I want to be a part of your supporters circle.

Beside, next week, I will go back to Jakarta to start my own book project ^^. One relatives lend a apt because we don't have one. Hahaha. I hope to seeing you even though only in blogsphere.

God Bless you girl.

nancy 4:58 AM  

Btw, I also read all contestants writing and they are hell good.

It must be very difficult to choose one...Fida...

Fida Abbott 5:33 AM  

Hi Nancy,

It is nice to hear from you. Yes, it is difficult to choose the best. They are great.

Btw...I am glad hearing that you will have a plan to write a book. Congratulations!

-G- 7:27 PM  

Fida (^_^) Maaf kok telat baca ini, pdhl udah ada di sidebar.. pasti kelewatan karena kbyakan link.

Selamat buat Nancy Dinar, saya juga suka banget dengan tulisan2nya ada 'nafas'nya (^_^)


Fida Abbott 10:29 PM  

Hi G, nggak telat kok, baru kemarin ngeposnya, tanggalnya aja yg kedahuluan karena memang sudah diplan sebelumnya dan baru ditayangkan 2 hari kemudian karena nulisnya dicicil. Maklum harus berbagi waktu, he, he...

GBU too!

Mariuca 3:24 AM  

Hola Fida! You’ve been invited to my Award Gala! Congrats! :)

Mariuca 3:25 AM  

And congrats to all ur winners. Happy Thanksgiving Fida! :)

Fida Abbott 11:05 AM  

Hi Mariuca,

Thankyou for your invitation and the awards. I think you are a Princess of the Award, he,he....

I'll post them soon when I have spare time.

Best Regards,

Hercules Mulligan 11:51 AM  

Right back to you, Fida! Thanks for your comment on The Foundation Forum.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Fida Abbott 10:16 AM  

You're welcome Her.

It is always nice to have a visit from friends and getting the comments.

FA in PA


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