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Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Best Friend is...

I had several best friends and some close friends in Indonesia. They were the friends where I always came to share anytime I needed. They were also good listeners and they were never bored everytime I shared about something. As a human being, I need someone to talk to. I felt good everytime I had talked to them although I knew it didn't solve my problems but it could give me the fresh energy in facing them. They were my great friends I ever had in my life. Through them, I got the supports from their prayers, their inputs and advices.

After I moved to USA, I felt something lost. It was my best friends and close friends. Although we still keep in touch till right now via phone and email but it can not subtitute the quality of the conversation if we meet and talk each other face to face.

After I married, my husband has been my best friend. He is the place where I can go to tell my sadness, my happiness, my worryness, my dreams, my feelings, etc. He is also the place where I want to laugh together, to share everything and also the place where I want to throw my anger, my disappointed, etc. What a perfect best friend! If before I had some friends with different characters and different purposes to tell about, right now I just have one person, a place where I can tell everything.

Celebrating our 1st Anniversary at Indonesia Restaurant in Philadelphia. I looked thin and little pale because I was pregnant an could not eat a lot of food. My pregancy age was around 7 months old.

I know he is not a perfect person but I believe he is the best person to be my husband. As a husband that God has given to me, he should be a safe place whenever and wherever I want to talk about an to talk to. Trust is a single miracle word that can build the healthy relationship in the marriage life. Without TRUST, how can the marriage life will be survive?

On Sunday, October 5th, it will be our 6th Anniversary. There are no special present I want to expect beside a HOPE that my husband will be always my best friend forever and ever.


What am I doing right now?

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One more writing to do to complete my goal. Right now I'm waiting for some hours celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary.
12 minutes ago from web


~~Devita~~ 12:41 AM  

Happy Anniversary sis!!!!!!!
Wow! that is great! I am happy too.:D:D:D

have a wonderful day for you both!!

Happy... happy... happy....happy....

Fida Abbott 1:13 PM  

Thank you, Icha.

Have great Sunday!

Gati Siahaya 10:28 PM  

Fida (^_^) Happy Anniversary and many many many more delightful seconds, minutes, hours, days and years of happy togetherness for both of you, and beautiful blessed family!!

GBU Fida!

Fida Abbott 8:03 AM  

Thank you G,

Warm regards from PA,

Anonymous 8:30 AM  

happy anniversary mbak fid n hubby...

Fida Abbott 9:24 AM  

Thanks Bintang.
Have great day.

Blue Jasmine 10:04 AM  

Happy Anniversary, Mbak Fid....sorry telat, lagi males online....hehehe...!

Fida Abbott 3:38 PM  

Hi Blue Jasmine,

Thanks ya.....
Met bermales ria, he, he...

Salam hangat dari PA

Mariuca 3:41 PM  

Happy anniversary to you Fida! I know what u mean, B is my best friend now. We're so close he knows me so well and we're always together, great to be married eh? :):):)

Fida Abbott 11:16 PM  

That is true, Mariuca. I am glad you visit this blog and read my recent posting.


Mariuca 3:07 AM  

And now, I have a special award and Friendship poem for u at Mariuca's, come pick it up later! :):):)

Fida Abbott 1:36 PM  

Hi Mariuca, thanks a bunch!!!

I will post it soon next week.

Have great day!


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