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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Writers with Their Hundreds Published Books

This morning when I logged in at Helium, I read an interesting article from a Helium writer. It was the writers who had written hundreds book that had been published. Below is the list of the name of the writers:

1. MARY FAULKNER (1903-1973) 904 books Faulkner, a South African writer is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most prolific writer and she wrote under a number of pseudonyms, the most famous being Kathleen Lindsey.

2. LAURAN PAINE (b. 1916) 850 + books The first American on the list, Paine's contribution often goes obscured by the fact that she wrote under over seventy different pen names. Here novels were mainly western stories with some mysteries and romance stories as well.

3. PRENTISS INGRAHAM (1843-1904) 600 + books This American dime novelist is said to have been able to write a 35,000-words book overnight. One of his favourite subjects was Buffalo Bill and he managed to turn out over 200 books on that subject alone.

4. JOZEF IGNACY KRASZEWSKI (1812-1887) 600 + books Kraszewski was a Polish writer of novels, plays, poetry, essays, biographies, history, memoirs, and political sketches.

5. ENID MARY BLYTON (1900? -1968) 600 books The first English writer and the first big name on the list. Blyton was a writer of children's books, which still have massive worldwide appeal. She is famous for creating such classics as the Secret Seven, the Famous Five and Noddy.
6. JOHN CREASEY (1908-1973) 564 books An English mystery writer and the creator of Inspector West and Gideon.

7. SUYUTI (1445-1505) 561 books The first author on the list to take us back before modern times. This Arab writer of encyclopaedias wrote on almost every subject and is probably best known for his commentaries on the Koran.

8. URSULA BLOOM (b. 1898?) 520 + books This English novelist specialised in romances under a series of pen names and also wrote some non-fiction under her own name.

9. GEORGES SIMENON (b. 1903) 500 + books The name may not be that familiar but having published 200 books under his own name and another 300 under a collection of other names he deserves his place on the list. It is from his most famous literary creation that he is best known, Inspector Maigret.

10. HOWARD ROGER GARIS (1873-1962) 500 + books American writer of children's books and creator of Uncle Wiggily.

11. ARTHUR WILLIAM GROOM (1898-1964) 400 + books Groom was a British writer of both adult fiction as well as children's books. He is known for his "novelizations" of the lives of real people such as Roy Rodgers and Davy Crockett.

12. EDWARD ZANE CARROLL JUDSON (1823-1886) 400 + books This prolific American dime novelist and magazine writer gave William F. Cody the nickname Buffalo Bill and wrote the first stories about him.

13. EDWARD L. STRATEMEYER (1862-1930) 400 + books Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys have come to prominence through the publishing syndicate that this man created. He wrote more that 400 books himself and also wrote outlines for hundreds more completed by staff writers.

14. BAKIN (1767-1848) 300 + books This Japanese novelist was one of the most popular writers of his day, Bakin is best known for his 106-volume novel, Hakkenden (Tale of Eight Dogs).

15. EVELYN EVERETT GREEN (1856-1932) 300 + books Often writing under the name of Cecil Adair, this British author wrote a large number of both adult and children's books.

16. NIGEL MORLAND (b. 1905) 300 + books British mystery writer with several pen names. His best-known character is Mrs. Pym of Scotland Yard.

17. D. S. ROWLAND (b. 1928) 286 + books British paperback novelist who uses more than 50 pen names. His output includes westerns, science fiction, and such romances as Highland Nurse and Wayward Nurse.

18. BARBARA CARTLAND (b. 1902) 280 books British writer of historical fiction who also uses the name Barbara McCorquodale. In recent years she has published over 20 books per year, including The Curse of the Clan and I Seek the Miraculous.

19. ALEXANDRE DUMAS pere (1802-1870) 277 books The famous French author of The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo said to Napoleon III that he had written 1,200 volumes, but that, of course, was in the days of multivolume novels. (Musketeers originally filled eight volumes.) His complete works were collected in 277 volumes, most of which he wrote with collaborators.

20. L. T. MEADE (1854-1914) 258 books British writer of stories for girls of all ages. Her most popular books include The Autocrat of the Nursery and A World of Girls.

So, what the effect did affect me after reading it?? The list above gave me more enthusiasm to write my first book. I really need this because how busy I am. I always want to be in 'fire' so I can reach this goal someday. Although I haven't started to write it yet but I have had the contents already as a guide for me to start my writing. The 2nd and the 3 rd book has been also set up in my brain. (It is funny, isn't it?)

For the short goal, I want to complete all my writings to be submitted to Chicken Soup for the Soul Book before October 2008. Some of the Books they will publish have deadline this month and next month. Some themes I can write and some themes I can not because I don't have the experinces in the topic they are offering.

After my first (short) goal is completed, then I would be ready to start to write my 1st book hopefully.

What am I doing right now?

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I've submitted my 4th writing to Chicken Soup for the Soul Book. I felt a strange energy to finish this writing this morning, titled THE LAST EMAIL. It was a story about my friend who had cancer and finally passed away.
about 2 hours ago from web


Aku 2:29 AM  


Terkadang jari menari tanpa bisa dihentikan diatas keyboard, kata demi kata mengalir dari ujung jari.

Terkadang juga jari ini kaku. Melompat ke setiap tuts membentuk kata yang tidak arti.

GO FOR IT Ms. Fida !.

Fida Abbott 8:06 AM  

Hi Aku!!!

Terima kasih atas dukungannya.


~~Devita~~ 10:40 AM  

come on sis!!! you can do it!!

ohya, untuk chicken soup itu, bisa kok kirim. Icha pernah kirim satu tulisan ke sana, cuman katanya diterbitkannya 3 tahun dari waktu icha kirim..hehehe... gatau lagi..wakakkak


ohya, nanti bukunya dijual di indo ga yah???

Fida Abbott 3:40 PM  

Tiga tahun, wah itu namanya penolakan secara halus, he, he....

Well, it is an opportunuity, why we don't take it, do we??

Thanks for your support.



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