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Friday, July 04, 2008

More Award

Couple days ago Mrs. Mecombers had announced 5 Top Bloggers to win the Arte y Pico Award. The First Person she chose was me. This was the second award she had given to me.

The reason she chose me as she wrote in her post:

Fida of Fida Abbott! One of the most beautiful souls on the Internet!

I was astonished & speechless reading it. She was the First Person and the First Blogger who ever said that to me. I could not describe my feeling when I read it.
There was no other great word I could say except from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for YOUR GREAT APPRECIATION & GREAT COMPLIMENT!!!

Let the people/family members who live around me would confess your statement. Once again THANK YOU!!!!

I could not give back your great appreciation and great compliment because it was too great to me, but through this Blog I would love to send a special gift to her as you see it below.

I like doing the cross stitches, so this gift would represent my creation via the cyber world. I hope she would like it. Although it looks so simple, but it represents how simple I am in a person.

Draw Customized Symbols -

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Hercules Mulligan 5:44 PM  

Big congratulations, Fida! I agree with Mrs. Mecomber; you are one of the most beautiful souls on the Internet.

I am always pleased and blessed by your kind and open heart and your friendly manner. You are one of the kindest and most generous people I have met on the blogosphere. Christ in your heart makes all the difference.

Your blog shows your creativity. Congratulations again!

Mrs. Mecomber 6:50 PM  

Fida, I am honored to know you. You have a great blog here and your cheerful and womanly spirit shines through. You are an example of how sweet a Christian truly should be.

I love your gift! And I cross-stitch, too! So we share a hobby.

God bless you. :)

~~Devita~~ 7:55 PM  

thank you sis. wow! congratulations!!
you are deserved it sis :D.

wow! you made it yourself? now i know why Ariel is so creative ;)

Fida Abbott 4:57 AM  

Hercules, Mrs. Mecombers, & Devita, I fell great blessed knowing all of you through the blogosphere world. We can show the world although it isn't the real world, but there are reason that we can not be like in the real world.

My best regards for all of you!


Gratcia 7:53 AM  

Dear Fida (^_^) Congratulations! Yes I'm all heartedly believe you are as Mrs. Mecomber said! You really deserve the award!

Have a great day!

Fida Abbott 10:13 AM  

Revision to my comment above:

"We can show the world although this isn't the real world, but there aren't the reason that we can not be like in the real world in a person.

To Gratcia, thank you and I am glad you are one of my great friends too.

Best Regards,


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