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Monday, May 05, 2008

My Eight Things

One of my sisters in cyber world, Icha had tagged me. She gave a very nice homework and I was so excited. I could not wait to write it. Below is the Rules:

1. Post the rules of the homework in your Blog
2. Write 8 habits or the reality about yourself (choose randomly)
3. In the end of your writing, write the names of your friends who you want to do the same homework
4. Don't forget to tell them so they can read your posting of your homework so they can do the same thing easily
5. Smile as the sign of your satisfied after you are done

Below is my 8 things:

1. I am a lovely person and I love my family with all of my heart. Below is a picture of my whole family members: Mimy, Boby, Sisy, Me, Little Mermaid, Hubby (from left to right).

2. Singing is my hobby. I started to join Vocal Group since I was 15 years old till the time I moved to USA (31 years old). That means I had been in Vocal Group in 16 years. The VG-s that I ever joint were VG of Pemuda GKPII Silo, VG of Efata, VG of UPN "Veteran", VG of Pemuda Genta Kasih, joining between VG of Efata & VG of Hosana, and VG of Pemuda GKJW Tanjung Perak Surabaya. Below is a picture of my farewell party, one day before leaving my country. They are the Efata VG members and their families, a last VG I joint with. They are still in my heart until this time. I am sad now because one of the members is in the critical condition because of cancer. She stands number 7 from left. She is in my prayer list.

I also ever joint at my University Choir: UPN Choir and right now I am a passive member of the Adult Choir of St. Davids Church, Wayne-PA. Why I am a passive member? It because both of us, I and my hubby are busy. It is difficult to find a time which my hubby can drive me there (45 minutes driving with complicated directions) after his arrival from work. I still don't have convidence to drive there by myself. I need to practice several times to make sure I really know the directions very well. I had tried to search the directions online but it still didn't work. It brought me to the wrong directions. I wish someday, my hubby will have time to accompany me driving to the church. And below is a picture where I sang with them at Washington National Cathedral on Nov 20th, 2005 in celebrating Pennsylvania State Day.

3. Music is my soul. Whereever I go, music is always with me, when I am driving, when I am online, working, etc except when I am writing.

4. Broadcasting and Landscaping are my interests. I took a special broadcasting course in basic level at School of Television in Surabaya. In landscaping world, I had experiences in almost 5 years when I worked at JEJI DESIGN and STELLA FLORA. Novotel Hotel and Condominium in Surabaya was my fisrt big project I ever handled special for hardscape. If you visit there, all the stones on the walls around the hotel and apartement were my project beside pebels stones in swimming pool, Kamboja tress and bougenville plants. Other projects I ever handled are at Sheraton Hotel and Condominium, Tunjungan Plaza, Puncak Marina Apartements, Citra Land Real Estate, Pakuwon Jati Real Estate, and many other small-medium projects like offices, single houses, exhibitions, etc in Surabaya.

5. I like Writing, gardening, cooking, crafting, dancing, trying something new, good and useful.

6. Time and discipline are very important to me. If I don't have both, right now I can not do well my duties as a wife and a mother who takes care a cute, smart and beautiful little daughter, a bunches of house activities (cleaning, cooking, etc), a WALMART associate, Managing Editor at HOKI, and my writing activity at this blog, other blogs and sites. I really need very strong discipline in managing my time to do all of them and I really enjoy doing those.

7. I wanna bring my whole family visiting my country, Indonesia in the next several years.

8. I wish someday:

* I can write a book as Icha (my Blogger friend and sister in cyber world) ever had a dream about me; I became a famous writter who had written many books.

* I will build my own office with my own money at the basement of my house.

Now, I would like to tag my other blogger friends; Gratcia, Mariuca, Mrs. Mecombers, Hercules Mulligan, and Vina Revi to do the same thing like me above, sharing 8 Things of their Owns. Well, I can not wait what they will write about themselves. Have Fun!!!


Hercules Mulligan 11:38 AM  

Hello Fida. I received your very friendly comment on my blog The Foundation Forum. Thank you.

I am quite well this spring. Today, the sun is shining over my yard -- a sure indication that yes, I will have some gardening to do myself. I am becoming convinced that Americans will need to know how to cultivate land and plants in order to be independent in the coming years. Americans must learn how to support themselves rather than relying upon the changeable policies of the government and huge corporations to fulfill our needs. So, my family and I garden and landscape around our home. It is a very healthy and productive lifestyle, and I am glad you enjoy it yourself!

Thank you for tagging me. I will write a post and then respond back here with the link to it when I have written it. I hope I will be able to write it soon; I too am very busy this spring season, and have not had much time to blog. But I will remember that you tagged me, and respond as soon as I can.

This post you wrote was very nice. It is nice to get to know you better through this tag. It seems we have a little bit in common! I too like music, singing, writing, and crafting.

God bless you and your beautiful family.

~Hercules Mulligan

~~Devita~~ 11:41 AM  

cool! UPN is near from my home :D
wow! nice dream, i hope your dreams will come true. it will come true anyway :D

Anonymous 12:38 PM  

mbak Fidaaaaaa...hiks..hiks...kenapa harus aku sihh..trus banyak lagi pake 8 habits...

Mariuca 1:22 PM  

Hola Fida! Ha ha ha...this makes it the third time someone has tagged me with this one. Thanks for thinking of me and I'll do my best to get this up soon. Take care! :)cy

Gratcia 12:40 AM  

Haiii....hahaha, iya iya akan segera saya kerjakan :P

Makasih makasih udah di tag, walaaaaw 8 yah? Hmmm...klo lebih boleh kah? Waaah, malah minta nambah ;)

Have a GREAT day dear Fida, I'll get back to you once this is done :)

Vina Revi 4:40 AM  

m'Fida, TQ banget aku termasuk yang diikutkan dalam estafet ini. :)
Tapi sekitar 7 bulan yang lalu, aku udah pernah di-tag ttg hal yang sama. Bisa diliat di My Top 8 Habits. Have a nice day!

Mrs. Mecomber 11:32 PM  

Thank you for tagging me! I will have to think ... hmm.. 8 things about me! That may take some work, hahah! I will let you know when I do it. I really enjoyed learning more about you, my friend. And I love to sing, too! God bless. :)

Gratcia 3:06 AM  

Hi...I've done the tag (^^,) But it is unconventional ones so I hope you will enjoy it anyway... (^_^)

Fida Abbott 8:46 AM  

Hi Gratcia, thanks. Yes, I really enjoy reading it. It was cool and you are very creative.


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