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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Last Tuesday afternoon, suddenly I got a news from my husband that his group would do the presentation about Indonesia as an object they had chosen for their study in Anthropology. It was 1 week earlier from the schedule before. My husband would give the presentation about Indonesia food and I should help him to cook some Indonesia food for his presentation. Finally we decided to make TUMPENG, because it would look interesting with its decorations in 1 place with some different kinds of food. It was my second TUMPENG I ever made here after my first Tumpeng I made 3 years ago for celebrating my husband's birthday.

I was so excited because I liked doing the experiments for the new things. I meant like new kinds of food I would make around Nasi Tumpeng and its decorations. I was so convidence would finish it couple minutes before my husband & his friend left. Thanks GOD, everything was good even my little girl didn't bother me like used to be but I was little worried what they would think and comment about my TUMPENG.

I was so glad when they came back from the presentation with very big smile. They said that my TUMPENG was gone just in 5 minutes. There was just peppers left there. I heard some persons ate with wrapping 'yellow rice' with the lettuce. They were so excited and enjoyed eating my TUMPENG. "Delecious!!!", that word came out from them even before eating, they didn't want to eat it because they would mess it up.

Thanks GOD!!! Their compliments helped my body that was so very tired at that time became full with energy again, ha,ha...!!!!
It reminds me with IRON CHEF in TV. Now I can mention that in Coatesville, there are 1 IRON CHEF from Indonesia & just cooking especially for Indonesia food hua,ha,ha....!!!!


Anonymous 12:35 AM  

Congratulations to the Iron Chef from Indonesia!!

Fida Abbott 6:21 AM  

You are welcome.

maria coleman 3:11 PM  

Fabuloso! Mucha bonita! tumpengnya cantik sekali! aku juga bikin waktu anniversary kita tahun lalu. dan mungkin akan bikin lagi untuk anniversary tahun ini di Indo. Pretty Meal!

Fida Abbott 5:28 AM  

Thanks for your compliment.
Pasti lebih seru lagi kalau kita bisa bikin bareng-bareng.

Anonymous 10:56 AM  


Anonymous 10:57 AM  

Hey Greg


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