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Thursday, March 08, 2007


On early January 2007, I ever told to my husband that I would do something spectacular in this year. He tried to guess what it was because I didn't tell exactly what that was. I said it would be a secret and also a surprise. It didn't sound good for him. It made me laugh when I saw his face. He looked so funny!!, he,he...!!!
But right now, it isn't a surprise again, because I will share it at this Blog.

I wished I could be a Top Reporter of The Month at KI someday in this year. To realize it, I should write articles as many as I could. In the middle of my efforts, suddenly a KI Editorial member asked my help to translate an Indonesia article to English for KI need. Without thinking anything, I accepted it. He said that my translation was very good. Then couple days after that, They offered me a position becoming an Editor for KI. I was so surprised !! Well, I ever thought about this when I was a student, this job would be a fun job and I could do it but I never realized it in my life because I thought I should be active in journalism world if I wanted to be an Editor. I forgot it!!!

Anyway, I was so glad for this offering and I enjoyed this activity although it was volunteer. I made a good decision for my new world. Several days after I accepted it, I got another news again, mentioned that as an Editor of KI I would get an International Press Card. Wow!!!....I felt like I got The Moon, guys. I was so excited.

Around a week after they made me so excited, they asked another help to translate another article for KI brochure. Because it was very important, I decided to involve my husband for checking my translation before I sent it back to them. It was great team between me and my husband. In several days, they sent me the attachments of the brochure. I was satisfied, it looked professional.

Then another great news came again to me in the next weeks after that. They noticed me as an editor who was very dedicated and loyal for KI. They gave the attention of my activity that showed I was an active Editor. Because of those reasons, they offered me a new position as a member of Editorial Board. In this position, beside I can do my editing activity, I also can contribute my thoughts, ideas, opinions or inputs for KI improvements. It was Great !!! I accepted it. They said I was the first KI Reporter whom they promoted to be a Honorary member of Editorial Board.

Last Saturday, I have gotten that card as you can see it above. I remember what my husband ever said to me that I should add my knowledge in Journalism, then it would be completed!!! Yes, I would.

In the end of this sharing, I would like to thank to Mr. Robert T.S. Nio (Mang Ucup) who had introduced KI in my life and have given me a big trust to get involved in it. Thank you also for every member of KI Editorial Board who have accepted me becoming a part of them.

As a person who has gotten the KI Press Card, I notice, since on December 15th 2006 I have contributed :

- 13 news articles
- 18 poetries
- 3 groups of photograph articles
- 1 single photograph article
- 1 information at education section
- 1 regular translation
- 1 translation for brochure

Achievement : In the list of Weekly Top Views Jan 27th - Feb 2nd, 2007

(Coatesville, March 8th, 2007)


Indah 11:14 AM  

Selamat atas International Press Card-nyaa :D

Fida Abbott 9:18 AM  

Terima kasih Indah.
Terima kasih juga sudah mampir ke Blog-ku dan menuliskan comment di sini. I really appreciate it.


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