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Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Year, New Hope, New Wishes


It's 2017 now! I heard fireworks when I began to write this post. People celebrate in many ways: party, praying, attending church, etc., while I'm here, sitting in my office and writing this post. I have been so excited since I was absent irregularly to go online due of my health and now I feel much better.

I thank God who permitted me to have health problem several days before Thanksgiving. It was like a reminder that I needed to change my life style not to consume any caffeinated drinks and sugary foods. I must have plenty of rest, handle my stress properly and remember that God always works in His own ways when I'm not able to handle it. This will make me easier in life.  Thank you, God!

Due to my health problem, I need to be careful in consuming foods and drinks and I must exercise regularly. Because of my busy life, I'll try to have at least once per week to exercise to make my heart stronger. This will be a reminder to my husband and all my kids to do the same things.

New year is like a reminder that we are heading and going to be older. That means we should to be wiser and not to be its opposite. Life problem may come, the temptation may come, too, but we have to be strong because we have a rock of life. If I may ask, I'll ask God take all of those in my life, so I can breath easier, and not to worry anymore. Then I remember God ever said: I will always be with you! That means He will take care of our life--my life!

As a new year come, there is a blank book of our life waiting to be written. I think I will write some things:
1. I'm going to have a permanent full time job in March as they extend the contract with me till six months which it will be due in March;
2. My upcoming book will be published and this will make me excited. I pray everything will run well without any problems;
3. I will be healthier than before;
4. I look forward for a new online class I'll lead. It's a class of writing children story that I had dream years ago and it will be realized this year;
5. I look forward for new evening classes of defense language for Indonesian I serve for US Air Force as I had cancelled several times due of my new work schedules in the morning;
6. I look forward to serve people as a certified tax preparer and I have desire to learn more and more;
7. I'm really serious to have regular schedule for exercises. I know this is not easy, so I must have big effort to make this happens;
8. I look forward my youngest daughter will serve God in more music programs at church and I'm so excited her chamber orchestra group will be performance in front of many politicians in March at the state capitol building in Harrisburg;
9. I'll be able to save money for visiting Indonesia;
10.  . . . and seeing my husband look much better, healthier, and happier.

Okay, I'm ready to write my blank book!

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Time to sleep now. Tomorrow is the first day to write my blank book in 2017. 
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