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Monday, May 09, 2016

Sweet Mothers Day Presents

Happy Mothers Day!

This year we celebrate Mothers Day differently than years before. I watched my children busy preparing lunch. Sissy came and brought a lot of foods, then invited her brother and little sister to prepare foods from entrees to dessert. We had crab cakes and tartar sauce, asparagus, green beans, bread, pineapple, crackers, grapes, Horseradish and Bray cheese, pound cake, cream, and strawberries. Hmm . . . (yum-yum!)

Meanwhile they were busy in the kitchen, I was busy with my digital camera. The results are . . .  
Ta da . . .!
For the first time seeing them busy in the kitchen preparing lunch together to celebrate Mothers Day.
I never saw him before cutting bread and preparing all the entrees. Nice job, Bubby!
Sissy had a good idea to bring her siblings to help each other in preparing lunch. 
She also trained her youngest sister to cook. 
Mimi who lives in Massachusetts made a special call and this made a perfect Mothers Day ever.

Those weren't only the sweet presents I got. A day before Mothers day when I came home from work, I saw two cards on the dinning table. My husband said I could open them the next day, but eventually, he let me open them, and  . . . what I found?
A card from my hubby with "$$" and another card from my youngest daughter with $5 bill.
I asked my husband how she got that money? Does she work (just kidding) or he gave her that money? He said that was her own money he used to give her sometime, but it was her own idea. What a sweet daughter! It made me thinking what about if she has a job one day. She is a generous little girl and I'm so proud of her. Her little treat showed me what a person she would be like one day.

Thank you my husband and my children for your sweet presents. They made my day very special and I could feel your love.

Love you all,
Ibu (Mother)
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