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Sunday, August 31, 2014

MY HUSBAND'S DREAM: A Message from My Late Brother

"You can't take care of my sister if you can't take care of yourself." That was the message from my late brother to my husband in his dream. He also got other short message: "Relax, massage." So, yesterday he told me about this dream when he gave massage to my feet in the evening. Then I told him later if that day (yesterday, August 30) was my late brother's birthday. My husband said, "Oh, My God! He is around us, even-though he is already in heaven but he is able to watch us."

Because of that dream, my husband told me he would like to quit smoking. Well, I wanna see later if this dream works well to make him quitting from smoking. I told him my brother loved me so he wanted him to take care of himself so he could take care of me. I believe my late brother knows my condition/situation and he sent a message through his dream. And my husband's response, "Oh, he loves me more. He wants me to take care of myself." I smiled and said, "OK, he loves you more." That made him happy, hehehe.... Absolutely.

His attending in my husband's dream reminds me to write something special about him. I'll do it in the next upcoming week. Thank you my brother for your message, and thank you my aunt and her family who has visited his grave on his birthday. I'm sure he was happy having visitors in his special day.(*)

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Follow me at Twitter Thanking my late brother for his message through my husband's dream;  Praying for the third step of my application and preparation for my husband's left eye surgery for the next two upcoming weeks. about 1 minute ago from web


Mariuca 9:51 PM  

Good luck to your hubby and RIP to your brother. I think so too, your brother sent a special message to your hubby because he loves you still. Take care sweetie, I hope your brother visits you in your dreams tonight! :)

Fida Abbott 1:01 AM  

Dear Mariuca,

Thank you for your message. You are my lovely blogger friend who has lot of attention. I have had dream couple times since he passed away. But it seems he never sent any message for me--just showing our togetherness.

OK, it's better I won't talk about him. It will invite my tears come out.

Happy blogging.


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