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Friday, May 23, 2014

Mothers Day and Surgery Day

One day before my husband had surgery was Mothers Day. Nothing special except getting nice special drawings and cards from my youngest daughter and phone calls from her sisters. As usual, I took several pictures. Look what I got:
Drawing by Ariel, 10 years old kid. Does it look like me?
(Mothers Day Card)
Dear Mom,
You showed me Jesus by showing me the bible and feeding me food
and cleaning my room and protecting me.
Happy Mothers Day

From Ariel 

Mother day cards. Up right card is from hubby--crafted and handmade by an artist.

Surgery Day
My husband drove to Paoli hospital with me. We left around 5.15 AM. He looked okay but seemed little bit nervous since we both didn't measure his blood pressure in several days. We arrived 15 minutes before 6 AM but we came inside at 6 AM. After registering and waiting for around 15 minutes, the nurse called him inside. A half hour later they let me come inside to accompany him before they brought him to the surgery room. I checked the machine beside him that measured his blood pressure. It was 100/181. I asked him what they were going to do, and he said, "I didn't know." While trying to relief our nervousness, I remembered I brought my digital camera. Thinking it would be good to take several pictures to make him smile little bit. But when I tried to turn it on, it didn't work. I tried and tried again couple times. Then I stopped. OMG, finally I forgot to put back the battery that I recharged the night before. Hehehe....It gave smile on our faces. That was good and relief us little bit.

At 7.30 AM they brought him to surgery room and I went back to the quest room. Accompanying by hot Lipton tea, several crackers and breakfast bar, I read magazines and daily local newspaper. When I was enjoying my reading, dr. Fox met me and told everything was fine. I checked the time at my mobile phone: it was around 8.30 AM. So fast! He said I might see him in the next couple hours.

Couple hours? No kidding! That would be more than 2 hours. What I was going to do? I asked myself. My plan would have a rest on the chair by doing nothing, except closing my eyes because I woke up at 1.30 AM and could not sleep again. The funny thing, when I began to feel comfortable, another nurse came and told me to let me in. Excuse me? I checked the time in my mobile phone. It was around 9.30 AM. Wow! Resting was postponed. 

When I came in to see him, he looked good, even fresher than before surgery. The nurse said, he recovered faster than she expected. Next, what I needed to do was going to bring his prescriptions to pharmacy inside hospital. I took a walk to go to main building and went to the second floor. Not more than 40 minutes, the medicines were ready. Before leaving the main building, my idea appeared. Why not to take a look to the small store near the entrance door and bought a simple thing to him? And what would it be? Around 10 minutes looking around, finally I chose a cute one. Tadaaaa ....
A balloon 
By sneaking it up in the back car, my husband would not able to see it. But when I drove home with my sleepy eyes, from the rear mirror I saw the balloon come out from its hidden place. Oh no! Luckily, he didn't look around inside the car because of pain he had. At home after he took shower and my youngest daughter had arrived from school, I let her give it to him. Instead of giving it directly, she put it on the corner table in the master bedroom. What a good idea! So when he entered the master bedroom after showering, tadaaa..... He liked his simple nice surprise.  
Well, everything didn't go well. The pain medicine made him nausea and throw up, so he was without pain medication for days and a half. And what happened next?  Please, stay tuned for my next interesting post. (*)

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What am I doing right now?
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We were showered by another great blessing. I'll tell you later in my next post! Please, stay tuned. Thank you. about 1 minute ago from web


Mariuca 4:55 AM  

Very sweet Nother's Day card u have there dear! Hope your hubby's surgery went a-okay and he is fully recovered by now, take care and have a restful weekend! :)

Fida Abbott 12:34 AM  

He is well now, Mariuca. Thank you for your attention and support.



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