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Monday, March 17, 2014

My Second Participation in ZP Challenge 2014

ZP Challenge 2014 is ready to take the entries of the participants. I am joining now for the second time. This event is right for me as I need to be discipline doing exercises everyday even it is just fifteen minutes besides eating healthy food. I'm not worried about food because all the food I cook everyday are very healthy, contained from Carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. One thing that I need to cut is NOT EATING BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP. That makes me gaining more weight. Well, I have to work hard to erase this habit or my tummy will look like a pregnant woman, hahaha....
This year, I would like to use my husband's Ab Roller Evolution--I gave him last year as my Christmas gift-- besides doing fun cardio workout. It will perform abdominal crunches at any level. I can also flip this tool to do a total body workout. How does it sound? Well, it's better I just do it routinely and will see what will change with me. So excited! 

And with the additional $100,000.00 in prizes, it seems more interesting and more challenging. So, good luck Walmart associates, family members and friends. Stay healthy, save money, and live better with Walmart! (Uuups, I don't mean to do promotion here, hehehe....)***

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I enjoy my brand new activities started last month in February. More projects, getting busier, but still remember to keep staying healthy and staying away from any stress. about 1 minute ago from web



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