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Monday, December 16, 2013

Let's Celebrate the Joy of Giving!

Yesterday was my big day.  I cleaned up the living room and dinning room, installed Christmas tree, created a new corner table from two unused furniture. In the night I went online and applied more jobs. No wonder if I slept very well last night. When I woke up because of the ring of the alarm from my cell phone, I was dreaming.  This morning I also finished cleaning up my office. Now it looks neat and I really enjoy working in there after many weeks I had no time to make it cozy to work. Updating my blog is the next activity. I was glad this afternoon I had a chance to launch my daughter's new blog for her art collection.  It had been in my list since last year but I had no time to begin.

Well, Christmas will be coming soon next week.  Special time to give.  Have we had in mind what we are going to give to those in need? Yes, I have had. First thing that came in my mind was a man whom I used to meet standing on the street at Route 30 selling newspaper at the traffic light across the Rhode Avenue.  I had told my husband since several months ago I was going to give Christmas present to him.  My heart had been touched and told me I should do something to him.  At work, for the first time, I took a paper note hanging on the Christmas tree at the associates room.  I picked one of Christmas gift for a 3 years old boy that needs clothes.   

Christmas this year, it reminded me about my father who passed away several days before Christmas last year. I had lost my brother and my father at the same year in just three months. This Christmas will be the second Christmas without them. Two poinsettias we had ordered to donate for the church altar as our special thoughts of them in Christmas this year instead of not being able to visit their graves in my hometown, Indonesia. One day when God permits, we will go to visit with peace and grateful feeling, and spend a lot of time with relatives and friends.

What we are focus right now is the career of my husband and finding other second better job for me.  He went home this afternoon and told me of going to be promoted as a Department Manager.  One step left to make sure he must do the next job with department he is handling. I said, as long as he showed them his best effort,  he will get that position because he has the ability to manage. 

And what about with Christmas preparation?  As I have finished decorating my home, I still have more lists to do: Christmas shopping and baking while waiting my order of Indonesian stuff come this week from Asia Hom.

I will come back to update this blog next year. I will be very busy during this holiday season from Christmas, finishing two MOOC classes (Wharton and Taylor's University), preparing registration for new classes for Indonesian Online Writing Course, to applying more jobs. 

Ups, one more thing. Check this link out if you are interested to support my book, Enthusiasm, for a cause. It will end on January 2nd 2014.  All revenue of this book from the retail price made within that period will be donated to support the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan in Philippine.

And to all of my fellow readers who will celebrate Christmas this year, please be joyful to accept my special e-Christmas card below:

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What am I doing right now?
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Getting ready to drive my daughter to celebrate Christmas with her GS Troop.
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Mariuca 1:43 AM  

Hi dear! Wow u have been busy, how did the job application on line go? Wishing you a wonderful start to a brand new year and sending you lovely thoughts and wishes this first week of 2014, love and hugs! :)

Fida Abbott 2:16 AM  

Hello Mariuca, Happy New Year!
I am busy all the time and I enjoy my life every minute, bad and good. Thank you for being one of my loyal blogger friends. I very much appreciate of our friendship in this virtual world. I will keep updating my blog with other interesting news.

Love and hugs too special for you.


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