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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11/13: Rosary (Christmas Gift)

Several days ago in the night I saw a rosary pouch on the coffee table.  It had been saved in our china cabinet in many months. I wondered why it was there, so I asked my husband who was resting on the couch. He then answered that he had been praying using that rosary which I gave as a Christmas gift last year.  I was astounded by his answer and at the same time I was happy hearing it.  I then asked him to show me how to pray using that rosary.  (My husband was raised in Catholic family and went to Catholic school till Senior High School and I was raised in Protestant family). He was enthusiastic to show me how to pray by using it.  
The next day after dinner I saw him sitting on the couch.  He look tired or probably started to have low blood sugar attack, and faced the TV that was on.  His both hands met at the same place which was on his chest. In around couple seconds I kept watching him.  His hands moved and seemed he was holding something. I wondered what it was. I guessed probably his rosary. 

And I was right.  He was praying.  I was thrilled and happy.  But then he put it on the coffee table and lay on the couch.  I let him resting there without any questions as he needed it every time his low blood sugar gave a signal.
Yesterday he made a call as his response for a missed call for a new interview. A full time job he was looking for.  I thanked God. I would see how this interview will go well tomorrow afternoon. Last night he gave me some money and asked me to buy a khaki pant for his upcoming interview.
This morning when he turned on the TV, he said, "Nine eleven, nine eleven!"  My little daughter asked curiously, "What is that?" I explained, "Terrorists attacked Word Trade Center Buildings." She didn't respond me and nobody said anything.
After a quick kiss landed on my lip, my husband left for work and I would be ready for my online tasks after breakfast.  As I pressed, a news about 9/11 anniversary was on the top of the hotline news.  It reminded me about 12 years ago. My fiance should be in that building to give a training, but he flied to Indonesia to meet me.  My heart started to bounce and would like to hug him at that time. I thanked God he was with me at that time and now he is still here with me.  My prayers will go to all families who have lost their loved ones during this attacks.  Remember, time is short and we never know what will happen in our life next. Do the best for every person we love and be a blessing to other people.  We thank God if He still gives us long chance to fruit for His Glory.  We can fruit in everything we have: in our study, our work, our family, our talents, our organisations, our church, our daily activities, etc.
May this 12th anniversary of the Sept 11 terrorist attacks would be always as a reminder for us: God may let everything happen for a special purpose!

God Bless America!

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I thank God for my husband and family.
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