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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

GIFTS: Three Books in One Week

In early June I received a packet from Washington DC.  At that time I didn't expect any gift at all as there was no special event in June.  When I opened it, I smiled.  Two books were sent from one of my readers.  She is an Indonesian author and has written two books. I also ever gave an endorsement for one of her books, entitled: Air Mata (Tears), a poem anthology.  Then I remembered she ever wrote me a message mentioned if she would send her books.  Her friend would visit US in May and she would bring her books and send them to me.  What the sweet gifts.  Thank you, Mbak Rianti Setiadi.  I value your effort for sending me your books from thousands miles away. They will decorate my bookshelf and will be two of my book collections.  
Several days later, another packet came.  I asked myself, what was going on with me.  Everybody gave a gift.  As I wrote the sender name, I smiled and shook my head.  I wondered what she sent me.  "OMG!" I exclaimed as I opened the packet.  I read the book title: A Novel Idea, was given as a gift of my B-day and Mothers Day.  What a very thoughtful friend of mine!  As she knew I was writing my second novel, she sent that book as she had read it before and thought it would be good book for me to read.  I was so excited.  As I was very busy with my study and other online courses, I read that book when I was waiting someone--at doctor office or swimming pool where my youngest daughter takes a swimming class.
Thank you Mbak Yunita.  You are so thoughtful person, and full of attention and supports.  May our friendship will be blessed till both of us old. (*)
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