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Friday, May 10, 2013

I Want Chores

"I want chores."  That was my little daughter said in the middle of the night when I just came back from work and cleaned the living room.  It surprised me when my 9 years old child said that meanwhile most children avoid to do household tasks.  
Actually she wanted to help me to sweep the floor but I refused her.  She asked why I didn't let her do it, and I answered because the floor was difficult to clean.  One day when she was strong enough I would let her do it.  (Of course and it will make me lot of easier to clean the house)  She understood.  Then she just came up with those words that she wanted chores.  Cleaning the dust is the right and easy chore she may start as a beginner.  She was so happy to get that chore.  Since then, she does it every weekend.  
Have you given any chores to your children?  When you want to give them, it should start from you first as their parents.  They will see how hard work you have done for family and it would influence their perspective automatically.  

Giving chores to family members will teach them discipline and responsibility.  They become aware what's going on around them and start doing an action.  It teaches them sensitivities and not being "no care" person. 
In Indonesia we have simple custom: in every member of family, every morning we teach our children to clean their bed after they wake up.  Then they will help their parent to clean the house, take a bath and have breakfast together. I think I'll start to give her this chore--to clean her own bed--when she doesn't need to sleep with me anymore, hehehe....   
I'm sure it will make every mom feeling good if every member of family will responsible to make the home look neat and clean.  It will make home become "homey" too.
Happy Mothers Day to all moms in the world!  

Don't forget to teach your little child responsible for the small thing.  Start from giving them very simple and easy chore!  It will make you proud to be a mom and also make them so proud that they have done something great for their homes. (*)
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