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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

News of the Day

What do you feel if you're facing error when working online, especially if it's related to your online exam?  I'm sure you'll get mad.  That happened to me.  I submitted an online exam this morning and got shock.  One answer I submitted was right but the result mentioned I chose the wrong answer.  Puing!!!  My nerve jumped, hahaha!!!  That's OK, I still get score 92.  I suppose getting 96.  
ABE5-B Understanding Word; Word Tools; Creating a Document; Saving, Printing and Closing a Document; Document Views; Navigating and Searching; Editing Text; Formatting Characters; Format Painter; Formatting Text with Styles 92 %
I relieved my disappointment by looking at a small but sweet and touchable gift from my little daughter.  She gave it to me two days ago.  She said she forgot to give it as a Christmas gift that she made at school.  It was a Christmas card.  She drew, colored, and wrote it.  I opened and read it.  I didn't believe what she just had written on it.  It touched my heart deeply but I was worried it would make other moms jealous, hehehe . . . (just kidding).  Let's see what I got!

Then I also would like to share what my other children gave me as a surprise for my B-day last month.  Sissy and Bubby came to celebrate with us.  She said I didn't need to cook because she was going to cook for dinner.  Yay!  
What was she going to make? I was thinking. Pulled PorkAha!!!  It was delicious and tasty. I told her if Indonesians would love it.
Who stole potato chips? (hehehe...)
Everybody could not wait.
Take one more picture before we ate.
And I just made steamed rice and semur ayam (chicken stew).
One more other surprise: she also made a cake for me. Yum! As usually, I took some pictures to share them with all of you . . .
Thank you, Sissy and Bubby for nice and very sweet treats. We missed a family member. It was Mimi.
And I remember yesterday I also got a surprise from a blogger friend in Indonesia.  He bought my book, Enthusiasm, in e-book version at Kobo which I never I heard it before after 3 years my book published.  I checked its website, and then I  knew why I didn't know it before.  It's new and built several years ago from one of Asian countries (the owner is from Asian).  That's why they have the cheapest prize to sell the published books from western because of the different currency.  So if you're interested to see and read my book, check it out!  You can download it to some devices, from desktop, eReaders, iPhone, Tablets, Kobo Vox, Kobo Arc, till Android.  It's cool, isn't it? Thanks Xlibris!!! ***

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