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Monday, March 25, 2013

It Was On Palm Sunday

As I was so tired and decided not to go to church on last Palm Sunday, I planned to do just simple things at home.  Although my schedule to finish my writing was postponed, I had done one more schedule for my studying. While I spent not too long on the computer, I took a special time to do exercises with my little daughter in the evening, accompanied by Burlesque--by Jazzercise. We started to follow the movements as we watched on DVD and had fun together.  She was stop doing the exercises when the forth music just began, but I kept going meanwhile she watched me and played with her toy on my moving chair.  That was so cute as I knew that exercises took a lot of her energy, hehehe....
As the night came.  After taking shower, she chose a piece of reading cards of Bible Adventure and read it aloud.  The story was about David and Goliath.  I told her it was my favorite story in the Bible from the Old Testament. As she had just finished praying, I reread a last message on the last card: "Remember that bravery is not about how big you are, but how much you believe in yourself."  Thanks God, she has learned something from that story as David was brave because he knew God was with him when he was afraid, but God gave him the strength.  With only small tools (sling and stone) he could make a giant soldier, Goliath from Philistines fell to the ground.  She learned something that God could use anything for His Glory.
As it was on Palm Sunday, my husband also put us on the movie, The Greatest Story of The Bible: Jesus.  It made me stay on the couch and watch it until finished while he and our little daughter went to bed.  I told him it was the most movie I like about Jesus because they picked the right character about Jesus.  I used to watch the character of Jesus was a calm person, and other kinds like that, but in that movie, he was just RIGHT, shown his character as a normal human and the son of God. I love it!  I think the director of this movie is a very intelligent and detail person.  It reminds me how I would write every character in my writing.  At that time I could not wait to take my notebook and continuing my writing, sit down many hours, many days, many weeks, and many months to finish the whole story of my second book of the Enthusiasm saga. (*)
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