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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In Memory of My Late Father and Brother: 40 and 100 days

January 15, 2013 was 100 days of my late brother and January 31, 2013 will be 40 days of my late father.  I still remember on November 26, 2012 which was 40 days of my late brother, I made Ketan Hitam (black sticky rice with coconut milk souce).  Now I'm thinking what I'm going to make for my late father's 40 days.  I haven't had a plan yet.

In this time I would like to thank my step mom and late father for having special service to celebrate his 40 days and my aunt, Evy Laurens (and her family) to have a simple service on that day.  A picture above was sent by my cousin (her daughter) last month.  They attached this photo to every meal box they gave to every guest who came. And some pictures below were sent also by her several weeks ago.  I could not hold my tears when seeing these.  Could you imagine how much I miss him? (I'm having tears right now when writing this post).

My brother was with my cousins
Thank you for being with me by visiting and reading this post.  I really appreciate your attention. It would warm my heart.***

  Another video when we were watching the service via Skype.  I looked so tired and my eyes were bumpy because having much tears.
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What am I doing right now?
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Keep working, studying, cooking, cleaning, etc, etc.... How much do I enjoy my life day by day? My husband and my little daughter will be happy to answer this question.  (Thank you God for your uncountable blessings!) 
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