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Friday, December 14, 2012


Today is the second week of my father being hospitalized.  I called this morning and ended with a happy feeling hearing that my step mom told me he was better and sleeping well.  It seemed the new medications worked better and well.  Several tests had been done and I hope I don't need to be so worried too much as almost 2 weeks I could not sleep well thinking about him and several other things.  At my second job I was almost unconsciousness.  Yesterday was the worst as I almost fell down twice.  My husband asked me to have more sleep.  I think I will since I heard him is getting better.  Thanks God.

To keep me energized, I ate enough and healthy food regularly plus vitamin and other minerals.  I also reminded my step mom to take vitamin C and B to prevent the things that we don't expected.  Nobody wants to be sick, right?
Cupcakes besides my original floral wedding bouquet.
Talking about food, I enclosed several pictures that I made when celebrating our 10th Anniversary.  I didn't make a lot--just enough for three of us.  Thinking my other three children would be with us but one was in Massachusetts, one was working and one was probably doing something (school, etc.) But every year actually there was no special celebration for our anniversary so they weren't used to be with us in that moment.  Nothing special.  I just wanted to make the 10th anniversary differently.

No festive foods, just regular foods: traditional Indonesian foods (yellow rice, etc), and cupcakes.
Yellow rice/nasi kuning with emping blinjo--my husband's favorite Indonesian chips
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What am I doing right now?
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Tryig to sleep/take a nap before going to work but I could not.  This time is not about stress but I was just happy hearing my father was doing better and I want to do many things.  What a lovely daughter and housewife!! (LOL)
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Direktori WeBlog 1:41 PM  

Thanks sharingnya, sis...blognya bagus sekali!
Salam kenal...Kalau berkenan mau ngundang untuk ikutan gabung dengan teman-teman lain yang sudah SUBMIT URL BLOG-nya ke Direktori Weblog Indonesia :)

Fida Abbott 12:12 PM  

Silahkan, silahkan dengan senang hati.

Happy holidays!


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