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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Planning to Take Career Diploma at Home

The future
It has been so long I have planned to take career diploma at home even before I got my first job.  Time went fast and I was not able to take it due of many things I was facing, from having baby and taking care of her, having a job, etc, etc.  Since a new hotel: Courtyard Marriot Hotel  in my city opened (around 5-10 minutes away from my house) couple months ago, it reminded me for this old plan.  I thought if I had a good diploma, I would be confident to apply a job there or other better jobs.
When I read a brochure about information  to get a career diploma at home this afternoon, my heart said "It is the time".  So I searched and learned about several courses information I would be interested to take.  Administrative Assistant/Secretary and Business Management will be two courses I'm going to take.  With very low tuition and fees, even I can save 35% for this time, I'm sure I'll able to afford it.  It will be great opportunity for gaining a new knowledge for a better future.

Now, what's next?  With working 2 jobs right now, I think I'm able to support myself for this course by paying my own tuition.  I don't need to go everywhere to take this school, just stay at home and learn.  How great it is!!!  I'm planning to take first course: Administrative Assistant/Secretary.  One day after I get a new job in this field or if I'm able to continue again, I'll take the second course:  Business Management.  By having these two Diplomas, I'll be much more confident to look for other much better jobs, even they will support me to gain my ability to manage and expose my online business in the writing field and online writing course I lead.

Yes, I work hard and smart by having 2 jobs and soon I'll take a school.  When I'm old I don't need to work hard to make for living.  I really need this because my Bachelor degree from Indonesia isn't worthy here. I have to act soon right now. (*)
The Administrative Assistant/Secretary Course Outline I'll get if I take this course: 

Administrative Assistant/Secretary Module 1
Today’s Office Professional - Overview and General Duties
• Professional Traits and Qualities
• Office Settings
• Overview of Operational and Management Functions of a Typical Business
• Daily Duties of the Administrative Assistant/Secretary
• Introduction to Office Equipment, Furniture and Supplies
• Record Keeping and Banking
• Organizing Work and Protecting Its Quality
• Time Management

Administrative Assistant/Secretary Module 2
Today’s Office Professional - Office Communications
• Telecommunications Equipment and Systems
• Managing Incoming and Outgoing Communications
• Arranging and Assisting with Meetings and Conferences
• Making Travel Arrangements

Administrative Assistant/Secretary Module 3
Today’s Office Professional - Office Documents
• Document Related Terminology
• Information Resources
• Overview of the Document Planning and Generation Process
• Business Document Formats and Styles
• Techniques for Generating a First Draft
• Editing Text
• Proofreading
• Taking Dictation
• Quick Review of English Grammar for Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistant/Secretary Module 4
Today’s Office Professional - Public Relations and Personnel Issues
• Business Ethics
• Supervising Office Employees
• Managing a Payroll
• Quality and Quantity Control
• Stress Management

Administrative Assistant/Secretary Module 5
Microsoft Office System 2010 – Part One
• Microsoft Windows 7
• Using the Start Menu
• Accessing Help and Support
• Working with Files and Folders
• Working with Word
• Creating a Document
• Saving, Printing and Closing a Document
• Navigating and Searching
• Editing and Formatting Text
• Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists
• Setting and Modifying Tabs
• Page Layout
• Creating, Formatting and Modifying Tables
• Inserting and Formatting Pictures, Shapes and Clip Art
• Backgrounds, Headers and Footers
• Applying References and Hyperlinks
• Advanced Features

Administrative Assistant/Secretary Module 6
Microsoft Office System 2010 – Part Two
• Working in Excel
• Working with an Excel Workbook
• Using Backstage View
• Accessing and Using Excel Templates
• Entering and Editing Data in a Worksheet
• Using Data Types
• Saving the Workbook
• Inserting and Deleting Cells
• Formatting Cells
• Working with Rows and Columns
• Modifying a Worksheet
• Working with Multiple Worksheets
• Finding, Sorting and Filtering Data
• Building Basic Formulas
• Data Functions
• Building, Formatting and Modifying Charts

Administrative Assistant/Secretary Module 7
Microsoft Office System 2010 – Part Three
• Working in Power Point
• Working with an Existing Presentation
• Creating a New Presentation
• Adding, Deleting and Organizing Slides
• Formatting Characters, Paragraphs, Text Boxes and Lists
• Proofing Tools
• Working with Different Themes and Layouts
• Adding Tables, Charts, and SmartArt Graphics to Slides
• Delivering a Presentation
• Working in Outlook
• Creating, Sending and Responding to E-mail Messages
• Formatting and Personalizing Messages
• Working with Attachments
• Working with Outlook Folders
• Modifying Contacts and Contact Groups
• Using Outlook Calendar (*)
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