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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Celebrating 6 Years in Servicing Walmart

What do you think about Walmart?  Many pro and contra I've read about this issue regarding Walmart presence around the globe, especially in US.  That's normal, every the "Exist" thing on the earth always gives us '+' and '-' especially for the giant business, like Walmart--the largest retail store in the world.

As a Walmart Associate, this month I celebrate 6 years Anniversary.  What's the reasons I've been there long enough meanwhile many people don't like to work there, especially when they know Walmart will pay less than other retail stores?  The answer is GOD knows what I need--not what I want!!!

I believe most of us would like to get paid higher for a job we get.  And I'm sure it's not from Walmart.  But Walmart is the first job I got in US in the right time and in the right need!!!  WHY?  God guided me to find the second home in USA!!!  And it's WALMART!!!  Yes, Walmart is like my second home in US while I'm far away from my homeland, family and friends in Indonesia.  I feel comfortable and enjoy my work with friendly friends and management team.  Of course they have some minuses, but they are same like other companies have.  What makes them different?  Every store/business always has different issue, and that if we call a real business!!!  No more than that feeling--my second home in US--I ever get to expect in my work as an expatriate.  That's the most important and God had known it earlier than me: FIDA, you need the second home in US, it's not how much money you'll get! (*)

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I'll preparing lunch soon and try to find the pictures: several things I got when celebrating my 5th Anniversary from Walmart last year!!!  Surprise!!!
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