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Saturday, February 11, 2012

FEBRUARY: One Month Four Celebrations

February is a special month for me and this year will be more special because I have four celebrations. First is celebrating the time I was born. Could you guess how old I am? Many friends at work called me "Young Lady", "Miss Fida", etc but when I told them I had 4 children, their eyes moved forward one inch (hahaha!) And when they were trying to guess how old I was, nobody was even close to predict my age. But when I gave them a small indication, their eyes even moved forward two inches (huahahaha!!!)

Well, most people really want to look younger and I'm a lucky one to have this. When they asked what the recipe to look younger was, I even wasn't ready to give the right answers. I used to give a quick answer without thinking that I drank a lot of water. They even laughed at me hearing this cute answer.  Whatever! 

Looking younger for me has plus and minus.  Plus, of course we know that by looking younger, we feel more confidence showing people that we take care ourselves well, especially our health.  Minus, this is what I don't like to talk about.  I had many experiences how people treated me like I was still as a teenager or a young adult who didn't have many experiences in many fields.  That was fine until then they would know I was not like what they thought.

By the way, my husband still likes to make a joke when introducing me to his friends that he married with a teenager, hahaha!!!  Most of them would stared at me from the top of my hair to the bottom of my toes, thinking how old I was--I could read their minds hehehe... 

Whatever they thought, it doesn't matter. Age is just number. What I want is to be wiser and fruitful every year for my family, friends and everybody.

This month, on February 10 is the 6th year of my blogging activity. I even didn't feel that so long enough. I really enjoy blogging. Thank you to Ang Tek Khun who had suggested me to start blogging six years ago.

In two years (2008) after I started to blog, this personal blog had been chosen as one of the finalists of Christian Indonesian bloggers. A year later, in February 2009, this personal blog got Honorable Mentioned Blog from BlogNet Award and had reached page rank 3 in Google. That was good enough for personal blog to reach that number in three years. And until this year, this personal blog has gotten 53 awards given by many bloggers around the world.

But most of them I would like to thank you for every loyal bloggers, visitors and readers who keep coming to read the recent post here.  Thank you so much for your interest.

And what's the third one?

In February 24th 2010, my first novel "Enthusiasm" had been released. I even could not believe I had done a big project as I had scheduled.  Several months later, "Enthusiasm" got Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for category of novel from North American Bookdealers Exchange.  Then in summer 2010, "Enthusiasm" got an interest from one of Indonesian publishers.

Behind that scene, I would like to thank you to my friend, Budi Agus Nataatmadja and his wife, Elizabeth Handoko in Auckland, New Zealand who had introduced me to General Manager of YKBK publisher, Yunita D. Harahap. After reading my book, this publisher had interest to make a long contract with me.

And now the fourth, YKBK publisher would release my book in this month. When the date exactly is, I'm so excited to announce you soon along with the new-more beautiful book (front and back) covers.

Do you want to know the reasons why they were so interested to publish my book in Indonesia? Please, stay tuned to read this blog. I'll be right back with many interesting news in the next couple days regarding my book released in Indonesia.

Meanwhile we're waiting for, if you're Indonesian and has interest in writing, please, visit "Pelatihan menulis online" (Online writing course). Probably you're interested to join and have some questions, please, be free to write them to the link they provides. Hurry up!  The registration will end on February 18, 2012 and they have 10 % discount and will end on February 14th.***

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