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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Are You Ready for Valentines Day? (Part I)

Are you ready for Valentines Day?  What do you prepare to buy as a gift for your loved ones?  I'm sure you will find so many red theme of flowers, chocolates, any kinds of candies and Teddy Bears, etc in the stores. And did you ever think you were going to give a special thing besides those?  I did. 

It was bored giving the same chocolates or other little bears to my hubby.  I was so excited planning to give him something else.  Can you guess?  (Hmm, hmm ...)  It was a poem!!!  What a nice, little and simple gift but I was sure it was special for him.

Well, if you have the same thought like me, you should prepare it earlier.  So what is it?  I'm trying to give you several suggestions--if you don't mind.

First, do you ever think about a book: A book about love?  I'm sure you will be easy to find it during this season in the book stores.  And if you care about someone you love who needs encouragement and support, the inspirational book is the answer.

Well, don't you think I'm going to promote my book?  Of course, the answer is YES!

ENTHUSIASM in Indonesian version will be released soon in the end of this month, prepared for Indonesians to celebrate Valentines Days.  You can find ANTUSIASME (The title in Indonesian version) in many book stores: Gramedia, Gunung Agung and all Christian Book Stores in Indonesia.

I was so excited when the publisher sent me (almost) final cover of my book. It looked much better and prettier than its original. I cannot wait to show it to you as soon as possible when it has been released already. Besides Valentines Day, they are planning to present ANTUSIASME to celebrate KARTINI DAY, April 21. Awesome!!!

Meanwhile you're still waiting for this book released, I'll present you an inspiring video that might give you something to fill your days. ENJOY!!!

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Mariuca 11:09 AM  

Hey sweetie!! :)

Happy early Valentine's Day to you! I have no idea what to get hubbs for this VDay huhuhu but it's okay la, he knows I still sayang him LOL! :)

Fida Abbott 9:24 AM  

Give a nice kiss! ha ha ha....!
Happy Blogging, Mariuca and thanks for your visit.


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