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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

God Has Answered My Prayers

It has been long weeks I was in the stress condition to look for a very nice place to move. After having some meetings with several home owners, finally yesterday I (we) have signed the leasing of a right and nice house that met my requirements:
- not far from my work and my daughter's school;
- renovated/rehabbed house throughout;
- has big and nice kitchen because I love cooking;
- has at least 2 bedrooms (3 bedrooms would be great);
- has nice front porch (I always want it);
- has nice back yard so I can do small gardening, having small picnic and barbeque and it gives more free space for my children to play together, either to make snow angle, snowman, or just for kicking the ball (hahaha . . .);
- has dry and full basement;
- located in a nice neighborhood;
- and this is a must requirement: SUITABLE WITH OUR BUDGET.

Looking at those, it seemed impossible for me to get it. Most houses have higher price to meet my requirements so that was why if it just met several or some of them would be fine, especially number 1, 4, 8 and 9. But after going through the long process and I felt giving up, I believed God would not give me the bad place to live. So I just learned to be patient (this is the hardest part for me to learn than many other things but I could go through because of the help from Him) and let Him work in His ways.  Finally the 4th house I saw (3rd house for my husband) met all my requirements, even it has attic.  See . . . if I didn't go at that time and just went home after seeing the 3rd house (2nd for my husband), I would not get this house because there was not only me and my husband wanted it, but other several couples too. 

My neighbor, Shirley Hallock and my friend, Yunita Phillips have brought this case (looking for a nice home) in their prayer list everyday and I thank them for great support they have shown. The power of the prayers are very real so I believe everything may happen in our life because of the faith we have.

I'm so excited. This Friday I will get the key. Then my husband and I would plan to move our belongings step by step before winter comes. I cannot wait to decorate the house soon and bring our children to have Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner together this year. (*)

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Anonymous 10:54 AM  

Mbak Fida, sambil membaca berita ini pagi ini, air mata saya sampai menetes.... Semalam baru saja saya berdoa lagi untuk rumah baru untuk kel Mbak Fida itu! Puji Tuhan ya, Tuhan sudah tunjukkan dan berikan rumah baru yang terbaik dan tepat untuk Mbak sekeluarga. God is good!Saya ikut senang dan bersyukur. Saya juga ikutan excited dengan rencana kepindahannya! Semoga semua dalam berjalan dengan baik dan lancar ya, Mbak.

Fida Abbott 11:53 AM  

Ini pasti Mbak Yunita. Terima kasih Mbak atas semua dukungannya. Saya sendiri hampir tidak percaya. Kok bisa ya ... dan semuanya diberikan tidak ada yg terlewat dan bahkan tepat waktu. Sungguh Tuhan itu selalu menepati janjinya kepada siapa saja yg selalu berkenan kepada-Nya.

Sekali lagi terima kasih dan Tuhan memberkati kita semua. Amin.


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