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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday News

It has been a long busy week at work. I worked six hours in Labor Day (on Monday morning) and from Tuesday to Friday I came two hours earlier from regular schedules, so I would love to have rest this weekend although I still have to work around 4-5 hours at the other part time job. Anyway, I still do enjoy doing my work and I'm lucky my work place takes around five-seven minutes away from my house, so it helps me in everything.

Many friends asked me how I could manage my works without messing up my main activities. Well, it could be hard for them but I used to be a busy and very active person in my whole life. As long as my little daughter has someone to watch her after school, it doesn't worry me. She still has a lot of time with me in the morning before school and weekend and I still do monitoring all her school homework. I just need to find the right time to write. That's all. As long as I have steady schedules in the future I would find it soon and would love to finish my second novel soon. I can't wait. I feel my mind wants to blow up, ha ha ha!!! Sorry, just kidding.

Anyway, this Saturday I don't have any special news but I do love to share a little bit about something that has been cheered me up. Around two weeks ago I got several pictures sent by an editor (volunteer) of KabarIndonesia--pictures of his wife wearing a stylist apron. The apron was a wedding gift I sent to this couple several months ago when they got married. I was so happy when he wrote an email telling his wife loved cooking and was so happy receive my special gift. It wasn't a ready made apron so she had to cut the pattern and sew it. Look, how happy she is. She has a big smile on her face and that cheered me up. A simple gift from thousands miles away always makes special for someone. I love this picture. (*)

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Thinking to find a right time to visit my son and daughter in Phoenixville.

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