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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Blossom-end Rot

Do you like gardening? If you like it, I'm sure you ever plant tomato. This kind of fruit is the most of the people in US will plant during summer.

I like gardening. The huge lawn I have in my home drove me wild to plant many variety of plants, including flowers, fruits and vegetables. Last two years I started to plant tomato for the first time since we moved to our new house. It grew well and only one tomato showed something different: it had a small tan patch on the blossom end when it was still green. This patch turns leathery and brown or black as the fruit matures. This was the sign that tomato was having blossom-end rot.

I let it be like that and kept watching it meanwhile other tomatoes grew normally and I harvested and started using them as the ingredient in my cooking.

I didn't need to do anything, even to spray it to get rid of it because blossom-end rot is caused by calcium deficiency. Moisture fluctuation and excessive fertilization can reduce a plant's uptake of calcium.

To prevent that condition, I kept soil moisture even and didn't cultivate deeply near the plant roots. I should use the fertilizers high in super-phosphate and low nitrogen or a tomato fertilizer that contains calcium but I didn't know where to buy it near my area so I just used regular balance fertilizer (N-P-K) and adding more organic fertilizer--it contains small amount of calcium in it. I just enjoyed watching everything grow and I could still eat the part that wasn't affected.

Writing this post reminds me for the one of several other blogs I prepared for my hobby activities and my knowledge I ever got in my college. Probably one day when I'm ready I would launch it as my dedication of my own agriculture degree. ***

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Thanks God I've finished my homework and sent it to Indonesian publisher yesterday. Now, I should get ready for doing others.

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bluedreamer27 2:53 PM  

Oh my mom used to plant ornaments in her mini garden hehe.
me, so hopeless when it comes to gardening.. I'm not a green thumb..sigh

bluedreamer27 2:53 PM  

yay! finally i can blog hop again... it was a looooong weekend for me haha

bluedreamer27 2:55 PM  

By the way Fida
The Blog Idol Round 1 is up
you can check it here

I hope you can vote for your top 3 songs for this week..
thanks and happy blogging to you.

Mariuca 3:20 AM  

Hi Fida!!! :):):)

Mariuca 3:21 AM  

I don't have a garden since it's condo-living for me but my parents have a huge garden! I planted watermelon once and was so happy to see the first fruit coming out ha ha! :)

Fida Abbott 7:18 AM  

BD, I've voted them. It's fun and I enjoyed listening the music.

Thanks for inviting me.

Happy blogging.

Fida Abbott 7:18 AM  

Mariuca, ha ha .... Did you harvest it too? That will be cool.


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