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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I Celebrate Three Things

Today I just want to share something that makes me happy. I'm celebrating three things virtually here.

First, last Sunday afternoon I had a chance to talk to my son after arriving from work on the phone. I heard how enthusiastic his voice was, that made me so happy and brought me become enthusiastic to fill my day at that time although I felt tired and was getting ready for the second job. I believe he felt blessed after the exhausting time and long stressful before and after lung transplant made and now he is in the long recovery period.

Second, today (August 3, 2011) I celebrate 5th year anniversary of my first job. Wohoo!!! What a long enough journey!

Third, this afternoon (Tuesday afternoon) at my second job, the assistant personnel manager met and told me that she brought a good news special for me. She received the evaluation of my work and the result was my performance was REALLY REALLY GOOD -- I considered probably it was A+ (ha ha ha) -- so I would get raise and be effective on Monday next week although I've just worked since four months and a week ago. Also she told me I got the most raise they offered for their associates. She looked so happy when telling it and it made me feel the same way. She asked me not to tell anybody (I didn't ask more but I believed it had the sign that was only me to get raised and the most. Well, I didn't tell anybody there but I've shared it here, ha ha . . . ). Anyway, it just came at the right time when I really need it. What a blessing!!!

Yes, today I feel like to want celebrate those three things. I thank God for everything. The third thing reminds me about someone who I never met in person (and I believe maybe he had read my book "Enthusiasm" already) and told me that I would get paid-full for every hard work I had done. Yes, I never do my work in my half heart. I better not to do it. If I do something, I'll do my best with all of my heart because I want the excellent result, at least the good result. Smart and hard work!!! Those, the two keys I always keep to pursue my goals.

Although I am not able to invite you to have a glass of wine and some exotic foods to celebrate, I've attached here a virtual drink and fish plate with dessert. Please, enjoy and be free to share your thought here!!!

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Thinking about my second novel I haven't continued yet since the end of last year. I cannot wait to write again. I'll be patient when the right time come soon.

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bluedreamer27 12:02 AM  

wow congratulations Fida and I'm really happy for you

Fida Abbott 10:21 AM  

Thank you, BD. It's always nice to hear something from you.

Happy Blogging!

ichandfay 4:32 PM  

Selamat Mbak Fida wah sesuatu yang sangat meyenangkan...

Fida Abbott 10:34 PM  

Hi Mbak Nenny, wah dpt kejutan nih berupa sapaan pertama di blog ini. Terima kasih dan selamat berblogging ria, ya.

Mariuca 9:04 AM  

Hi Fida! :D

Mariuca 9:04 AM  

You have 2 jobs sweetie?? Congrats on the raise, I'm sure it's well deserved and yay to more ka-ching for ur adorable daughter and the rest of the family, big hugs! :)

Fida Abbott 4:34 PM  

Hi, Mariuca.
Thanks a lot for your visit and attention. Big hugs from me, too.

Happy blogging!


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