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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Complete Independence!!!

Today, August 17, Indonesians are celebrating their 66th Independence Day! Happy Independence Day to all Indonesians around the world!!!

What I would love to share in this special day?
From e-Daily Devotion written by Indonesians, I got a really good source for all Indonesians who confess that they are the part of the nation who put God in number one in their way of life should read this, especially for Christian. Attached, I tried to translate it in English. For Indonesian version, you can visit this link.

In 1942, in the early days of Japanese occupation, Amir Syarifuddin Harahap spoke in the Christmas celebration (of the Preparatory The Christian Unity). This Christian leader who later became RI's prime minister had appealed to Christians not only thinking about the afterlife, but must stand with both feet on a society in turmoil. Amir said that because most Indonesia's Christians at that time tended to apathy on the dynamics community. They prefered to focus on spiritual things.

Decades later, after Indonesia became independent, the same problem apparently still wrapped around Christians in Indonesia. Many churches claimed to "uphold the Bible", but unfortunately tends to apathy to the problems facing the nation. They prefered to focus on things related to spiritual worship and evangelism. The problems of filling Indonesia's independence with involvement in all areas were almost never studied or emphasized.

Of course, worship and evangelism are needed. But if that's all Christians do, we are not yet fully understood God's heart's content. In the book of Isaiah that we read today (Isaiah 58:6), God obviously wanted the worship of His people have an impact on social change. Issues of justice (verse 6) and poverty (verse 7), specifically concerning the political, legal, and economic, should be our concern.

Today, let Amir Syarifuddin appeal reminds us of Christian vocation in the ommunity. Let us be encouraged back to participate actively filling the nation's independence - ST


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