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Here, she exemplifies her experiences, her family and relationships, her inspirations, and her passage towards her remarkable goals. This novel is a reflection of her own life, how she faces obstacles, how she handles life, how she inspires others, how she touches other people’s lives through her works, and how she achieved the amazing successes of her life and endeavors—a perfect blend of life’s spices.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Introducing "Enthusiasm" Ambassadors

Dear My Fellow Readers,

I'm proudly introducing you the 31 New "Enthusiasm" Ambassadors. They are Indonesians who live in Indonesia and overseas. These Ambassadors will help to spread "Enthusiasm" in Indonesian version that will be published soon in Indonesia.

Anybody who is interested to become an "Enthusiasm" Ambassador, you may send me a message or contact me via Facebook and must follow some rules below:
1. You must an Indonesian, female or male, no matter where you live
2. You have account in Facebook, been as an active user, and have at least 50 friends in your list
3. Your age not less than 18 years old
4. You will give me permission to post promotion messages of "Enthusiasm" book, either in Indonesian or English version to your wall and tag it to your FB account
5. You should consider that this is a volunteer activity and you don't have to forward those messages to others
6. As an "Enthusiasm" Ambassador, you will be the first person who have a chance to know the recent news about "Enthusiasm" in Indonesian version
7. You will have a chance to be
three of the most active "Enthusiasm" Ambassadors and will be awarded

So, don't wait so long! Now there have been 31 "Enthusiam" Ambassadors, be the 32nd or 33rd, and so on.

Special to all 31 "Enthusiasm" Ambassadors, please accept my great appreciation of your great support! Let's make "Enthusiasm" brighter and brighter and more people will get inspired, then great blessing will come to all of us. Thank you so much!!!

And below, you will see their pictures in a slideshow, their names and locations.

Ambar Purwaningrum (Private Employee), Surabaya, Indonesia
Ani Pratamawati (Government Employee), Lombok, Indonesia
Christine Wuryanano (Business Woman), Surabaya, Indonesia
Devita (Assistant Lecture), Surabaya, Indonesia
Elfia Venesia (Housewife), Jakarta, Indonesia
Endang Dwi Astuti (Housewife), Jakarta, Indonesia
Esther Yosephine Sanggelorang (Private Employee), Sidoarjo, Indonesia
Evy Ariani Laurens (Housewife), Surabaya, Indonesia
Heni Kurniawati (Writer, Private Employee), Sidoarjo, Indonesia
Hermien Harsono (Entrepreneur), Surabaya, Indonesia
Ida Tri Wulandari (Government Employee), Sidoarjo, Indonesia
Ika Andriani Karim (Mc Donald Manager), Surabaya, Indonesia
Judita Andarise (Housewife), Surabaya, Indonesia
Katharina Rika A (Private Employee), Surabaya, Indonesia
Lilik Maskuroh Witono (Entrepreneur), Sidoarjo, Indonesia
Lily Sikome (Math Teacher, Postgraduate Student), Malang, Indonesia
Meivy Lembong (Private Employee), Menado-Sulsel, Indonesia
Mutiara Anna Rarome Kambey (Private Employee), Surabaya, Indonesia
Niken Amartani (Entrepreneur), Bandung, Indonesia
Nur Aini (Housewife), Malang, Indonesia
Ririn Ayuandari (Housewife), Makassar, Indonesia
Rizki Amelia Rahmadhani (Accountant Employee), Surabaya, Indonesia
Ruth Dian Purnamasari (Business woman), Jakarta, Indonesia
Stephanie Setiyadi (College Student), Surabaya, Indonesia
Sukma Rini (Housewife), Surabaya, Indonesia
Susana Rinasari (Housewife), Bandung, Indonesia
Tutik Partiningsih (Private Employee), Surabaya, Indonesia
Velixa Huwae (Housewife), Sidoarjo, Indonesia
Vieske Eingeline Matius Kathiandago (Private Employee), Kamal-Madura, Indonesia
Viviana Andrew (Entrepreneur), Ipoh, Malaysia
Yunita Phillips (Writer), Ohio, USA

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Giving thank to my all support friends through this recent post.

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viviana 9:50 AM  

Hi Fida, wow you have 31 ambassadors. I just came to know that my name is here. Great slide share too!

Fida Abbott 11:16 AM  

And I will add more EM soon.
Thank you, Vi for your great support.


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