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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NEW YEAR REFLECTION (4): Don't Be Shy to Do the Small/Simple Things

One of my friends who comes from Indonesia and ever worked at Walmart several years ago ever asked me not to ever mention her name to her friends if she was working at Walmart. I didn't ask 'why' because I knew it already. She was a secretary from one of a top company in Jakarta and had been going to several countries to do her duties. As a night stocker at Walmart for several years, she did such a great job and I was so proud of her, but all friends at work didn't ever know what she did before.

I'm sure for most Americans, working at Walmart is as same as working at ACME, TARGET, other grocery or retail stores in US and many of them probably just give "an eye" for their associates. I, myself, am proud to be one of Walmart family members although I don't make a lot of money and I'm not shy to mention that I'm a Walmart Associate although I have a bachelor degree with an excellent result and other special courses with the best graduates I ever got in my country, Indonesia. I would be never shy to do the small things to make some money for myself or/ and for my family. Why should I be shy? People out there don't give money for me or for my family. I will be shy if I get money for do nothing.

Yeah, I have been seeing so many things around me that most people would be proud if they work at a big and famous company and as a manager or director; or work at other company that the people won't give "a blinked eye". As I have seen many cases, I get a conclution: the higher education you take, the higher action you will avoid to take the simple jobs or other activities that doesn't give you a balance return.

I have experiences in my life that I have done some simple works and I have gotten their fruits. Don't have a big dream if you don't want to take a small/simple work although you are a graduate from Harvard University. The world will leave you!!!

We should remember that we get the rewards by doing the simple things. Do the best for what we are doing, at home, at work, at organization, etc. If we did the best, other people will give more jobs that need more responsible and give us higher position and higher income.

Today I read an article "7 Billionaires' First Jobs". Read this link if you're interested to read what they had done before. I'm sure you will be amazed and will give you a new perspective to take an action for what you have planned to fulfil your New Year Resolution.

Good luck and don't be shy to show the world that you are even as a newspaper delivery driver. Be proud and thankful for the job you've gotten. Be the best for everything you do!!!!


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about 1 minute ago from web


bluedreamer27 4:25 PM  

I don't see any reason for her to be ashamed of her job... no matter if she downgrade her self or not... she should still be very proud of what she have right now... Many people nowadays are still unemployed because of the competition going on into the job market which gets tighter and tighter every year.. The job rates in almost all countries including America is not as good as before...and not every applicant is given a chance to be hired..
So i guess... having her in that company is something that she should be really proud of....

have agreat day Fida

Fida Abbott 1:48 AM  

You're right, BD.
Thank you. Your comment will contribute to bring this message become more useful for the readers.

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