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Friday, January 14, 2011

NEW YEAR REFLECTION (3): Pursue Your Passion

I think we all have already known and heard about a spectacular news several weeks ago about a homeless with a golden voice was founded by a cameraman. He involved his life with drugs, alcohol, etc in many years and finally he has been clean since last 2 years. He would like to change his life. He prayed and wished one day he was able to meet his mom and got a job. He knew that he didn't have anything to sell to get a real job but only a gift of his golden voice. With a lot of hope and faith, he had an idea to write a very simple sign on a piece of board offering his voice, probably there was somebody who would be interested to listen his voice and give him a job by using his voice.

What did he get then? A MIRACLE!!! HE GOT WHAT HE BELIEVED, HE GOT WHAT HE HAD FAITH, HE GOT WHAT HE HAD PRAYED. Now, he has many offering of jobs and even one of them is offering a first payment/down payment of his home mortgage, he met his mom and most of all, he has a new life now!!!

We have learned good things from his story. We don't need to wish the same thing-- a spectacular thing comes in our life--but every small happened in our life is a spectacular thing we have made. Listening to someone who needs to share, giving support to someone who is needing, etc. Many people are interested to see the big spectacular things but they forget that the big things come from the small things first. As long as we have passion, it shows that we have belief and faith in ourselves and will bring us to act as we believe and have faith.

My special message in the end of this post is we should keep our passion in fire, pursue it in every small step we make and do everyday; passion to be good parents, good students, good workers, etc. GBU. ***


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Sutaaraito 4:53 AM  

Don't forget to be thankful for each blessing...

bluedreamer27 12:25 PM  

If you want to achieve something and you are passionate about it, then go for it....

Fida Abbott 9:53 PM  


Absolutely. Thanks a lot for your visit and comment.

Happy blogging.

Fida Abbott 9:53 PM  


I agree 100%.
Thank you so much.

Happy Blogging


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