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Friday, December 10, 2010

REFLECTION (1): Two Weeks Before Christmas

Christmas is coming!!! Well, I haven't prepared anything at all. I just found many pictures from Christmas last year. Two of them I attach here. They were taken when I woke up early in the morning and acted like a St. Claus, putting many Christmas presents under the Christmas tree and Christmas stockings. It was fun and my husband took several pictures of me when doing it.

By the way, what's the most special thing to celebrate Christmas for you???

That question makes me thinking. When I was still in Indonesia and when I was still a child, I felt everyday was a feast day. My Grandma was so busy since two weeks before Christmas. She made cookies and many other kinds of cakes and foods. Hmm . . . The night before Christmas, we used to go to church for Christmas Eve service. If not, then in the Christmas morning, we went to church. Since Christmas morning until a week of New Year, her house was full with many guests from neighbors, friends and family/relatives. We all ate what my Grandma had cooked. We also went to other family members to celebrate Christmas, too. There were no Christmas presents. I just got one Christmas present from Sunday school teacher. That was all.

When I was in the teenage age and the youth age, my Grandma was not as strong as before. She got stroke and only her right hand and her right foot were active doing everything, so my aunts, my brother and I who represented her in preparing everything for Christmas. We also didn't prepare many kinds of foods as my Grandma ever did before. I mean there were still many kinds of foods but it wasn't like a feast. And guess what . . . our guests came less, either. Sad. Yes. That's life!! When somebody was in the glorious condition, many people came but when it wasn't, who would come???

We can learn from my own story above, that was why Jesus came to the world in the very simple condition, even it wasn't suitable enough for His Mom to deliver Him as a baby. Do you know why? Because the people who will come to HIM, they have respect in their life to accept HIM as the King of the Kings and the Savior of their life.

Have you accept HIM in your heart???
Remember, HE will come just for every person who is willing open his/her heart for HIM and HE would fill him/her with the water of life.

So what's my answer for that question above?
It was food and guests, but wait . . . I think I still have more. But I will continue my sharing in the next post, so please, stay tuned. Thank you for your patience. ***


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about 1 minute ago from web


Blue Jasmine 11:16 PM  

I've started quite late to prepare Christmas this year. Even for the Church's choir. It's less than two weeks now, yet I don't think I'm confident in performing our songs this year.....but then, I've skipped too many practices this year, too...hehehe...!
And I also haven't searched any gifts for the little one...yikes!!! I really have to find time for it....ouch! ouch! ouch!

bluedreamer27 11:03 AM  

we start preparing for Christmas as early as of September...
We began decorating the house outside ...placing some decors outside...
oh it's my grandma too who was preparing for our Christmas dishes... she really likes to cook and serve her specialties
anyway.. this will be our first Christmas without her... she passed away last June

I agree... Christmas is more than just a luxurious celebration and more than just buying and exchanging gifts... we celebrate it to pay tribute to the day the Christ was born

advance happy holidays Fida
may you have the merriest Christmas this year

Fida Abbott 4:01 PM  

Hi BJ, thank you for your visit and comment here.
Wishing you a Merry X-mas & a Happy new Year!

And of course, Happy Blogging!

Fida Abbott 7:53 PM  

BD, thanks for your visit and comment.

Merry Christmas and Happy Blogging!

Emily 10:16 AM  

This is lovely Ibu, and I love the photos.
see you soon
aku cinta kamu

Fida Abbott 10:37 AM  

We miss you, Em!!
Aku cinta kamu juga!!!


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